Gear: Inspiration: Goodwood Revival

Inspiration: Goodwood Revival

By Petrolicious Productions
October 1, 2013

Finding period-correct clothing can be difficult. Primarily because many have no clue of where to start looking or what era they’re most likely to commit to. Selecting clothing between the 1940s–1960s is difficult, seeing as how each decade made significant leaps in the history of fashion. In conjunction with our post this morning which featured the people and style of this year’s Goodwood Revival, we’ve pulled together some key items that are sure to get your creativity going when planning for your Goodwood fashion debut.

Lock & Co. Glen and Bentley Hats

While the sun is known to shine during the Revival, rather than downpour like this year, its best to seek shade as often as possible. Doing it fashionably is something that can make you stand out from the crowd. Looking to add to your period correct wardrobe should include some authentic pieces like these hats found on St. James St. in London. The Glen is perfect for the casual male while the Bentley is well suited for the dapper chaps.

Bentley Collection Driving Goggles

What historic racing event in an open wheeled pre-war race car would be complete without authentic driving goggles? Luckily you don’t have to scour the internet to find the real deal. The gents at Bentley Motors harness the spirit of “Bentley Boys” during every race and rally held throughout the Revival weekend.

Limora Leather Pilot Helmet 

Today we have plenty of kevlar and carbon fiber reinforced helmets for the track, but tooling around the city in one can come across too hard core. Instead, might we suggest a leather driving cap to keep your hair tame during open cockpit speed blasts? Arriving to an event like the Revival is part of the fun, and what screams “I’m here” than rumbling up in your Bentley Blower, stepping out of your drivers coat and throwing your hair back after removing your leather skull cap? Nothing if you ask us.

Cigar Boxes

Drinking and driving is bad, but as Barney Oldfield has shown us, no one has ever said anything poor about gnawing on a stogie while shooting down the straightaway. Keeping these luxury tobacco logs safe from the elements is key and tin cigar boxes can provide the perfect amount of class and patina needed for any ensemble.

Cherchbi Herdwyck Bag

British-made and classically inspired bags to toss in the boot and hit the open road. This series is created from iconic British herdwyck tweed and is available in two hues: brown and grey. The handle length is perfect for hand carrying below the knee or hiking it over one’s shoulder. Its great for an extended road-trip or even a whimsical holiday through the countryside in an Austin-Healey 3000 MK III.

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2 years ago

The trick to convincing old-age theater makeup is exaggerating your skin’s natural texture and using dark and light shades to create the appearance of pronounced creases and wrinkles.

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