Journal: Roaming the Grounds of the Goodwood Revival

Roaming the Grounds of the Goodwood Revival

By Ezekiel Wheeler
October 1, 2013

The Goodwood Revival is often referred to as a “must-attend” automotive event in anybody’s lifetime. Rare cars are flogged around a racetrack practically frozen in time. These very cars are throttled to the redline on tarmac they debuted on during each makes respective year–Goodwood.

What makes Goodwood impossible to explain entirely to friends is the experience itself. The cars unite everybody in attendance but it’s the mechanics (or witch doctors) in the pits, the sounds of iconic motors and eclectic fashion of the people that make this a truly iconic event.

Seeing as the track was in operation from the ‘40s to the ‘60s, organizers require that all participants dress in period-correct clothing from their operational eras. Once more, this particular “rule” is extended to attendees to keep with weekends motif. Needless to say, everybody participates, from the airplanes in the sky to the children hand-in-hand with their parents.

Petrolicious photographer David Marvier aimed his lens on the objects reflected in the cars to share with our audience what Goodwood is really all about. What he’s captured is more than the soul of the Revival: it’s pure time travel.

Photography by David Marvier for Petrolicious

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But when you’re playing an old character, it can be tricky to get the makeup just right.


Practice is the key, though, so do a dress rehearsal with your makeup to ensure that it looks just right.

Logan Tanner
Logan Tanner

So gorgeous. Question though: why do you guys paginate? Why not just have it all on one page? Is it for technical reasons? Too many hi-res images? I just find pagination off-putting in this day and age.

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia

Hi Logan,

We paginate for aesthetic reasons – too many photos/text on one page can be cluttered.

If you click on one image and zoom into the lightbox, you can flip through all the photos of the article, even the ones on following pages.

Your feedback is important. What is it about pagination that you find off-putting?


Ben Lamboeuf
Ben Lamboeuf

Beautiful photography.