Travel: Is Argentina An Unlikely Place For A Car Museum?

Is Argentina An Unlikely Place For A Car Museum?

By Jacopo Villa
February 23, 2016

Photography by Fedrico Bajetti

You wouldn’t necessarily expect Argentina to be one of the world’s most petrolisti friendly places. This South American country is one of the places with the richest histories, of recorded motor cars in the world. Perhaps you’ll be familiar with a chap named Juan Manuel Fangio, or the Formula 1 ace Carlos Reutemann, but would you expect that cars roamed the roads of Argentina since 1904, when the first Daimler was imported?

Or even that loads of Ferraris, Bugattis, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos were imported into the country to race in countless events held from the ’30s until the ’60s?

If you fancy a break between tangos, and feed the need to enjoy some gasoline-fueled activities in Buenos Aires, just keep in mind that the Automóvil Club Argentino, otherwise known as the A.C.A., is definitely worth a visit and deserves your attention.

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Horacio Romeo
Horacio Romeo
7 years ago

There is a long tradition of high quality cars in Argentina, I’ve seen several Hispano Suiza, Bugatti, Rolls, Bentley, jaguar, Lancia, and much more under a single roof…

Russell Turnbull
Russell Turnbull
7 years ago

This is also quite close to Pur Sang, which would be an excellent place to visit as well.

Juan Manuel Tastzian
Juan Manuel Tastzian
7 years ago

Another amazing place for car enthusiasts to visit is the Juan Manuel Fangio museum in Balcarce. There’s quite a piece of history all around, the town is very nice and the complex is beautiful too. Here are some pictures of it from my Flickr account (user: jmtast):

Sorry for the Zonda F spam in the gallery, but that’s not a common sight in my country and less so if the unit is Horacio’s own 😀