Gear: Event Inspiration: Champagne Wishes & Leather-made Dreams

Event Inspiration: Champagne Wishes & Leather-made Dreams

By Petrolicious Productions
November 5, 2013

Our rally and track experiences during this year’s Journées d’Automne (see articles 1 and 2), got us thinking about sharing some motor-worthy inspiration. This particular rally is exclusive to vintage cars where participants cruise from château to château with some of the most extravagant owners of the region. Seeing as Vueve Clicquot and Chapal are pillars behind the entire experience, we assembled some items inspired by the rally, the drink, and the picturesque region this all took place: Champagne, France.

Vueve Clicquot Poster

In Reims, France, Vueve Clicquot has been creating a sparkling concoction for hundreds of years. It has become the center of many celebrations across the globe and has simultaneously become one of the leading lifestyle brands on the planet. Here’s a dose of inspiration to pop the cork and toast to! 

Chapal Leather Cap

Blazing a trail in your pre-war speedster isn’t something to take lightly. Especially when you find yourself wagging the tail of a Bugatti Type 35 on the race track. A Chapal leather cap can keep your hair in place while offering a host of accessories to keep road debris out of your face, for instance, a detachable full-face visor for those inclement weather situations.

Click here for more details.

Chapal Leather Driving Shoes

Applying appropriate pedal pressure is key when navigating a race track or simply running down to your favorite café. Narrow pedal boxes, often found in vintage cars, can be tough to initiate a heel-toe blip, thankfully Chapal has your covered with their classic ankle-high driving shoes.

Click here to see more details.

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