Travel: Just Because: Hundreds Of Porsches Just Invaded An English Castle

Just Because: Hundreds Of Porsches Just Invaded An English Castle

By Jayson Fong
October 5, 2015

Photography by Jayson Fong

Built on the mantra, “Not everyone’s idea of a perfect Porsche is a new one,” Porsche Classics at the Castle is an event like no other. Held at Hedingham Castle and focused on pre-1974 models, the prospect of seeing some of the most important Porsches in the marque’s motorsport history with a spectacular backdrop made it an event not to miss.

Highlights? The ex-Le Mans 24 Hours of Le Mans Porsche 917K, chassis 917-013/034, once driven by Steve McQueen. Inside, a plaque reminded viewers of its moments in the spotlight: “Hard Driving men, all”. The “Fletcher Aviation” Porsche 550 Spyder was also present, a class winner at the 1954 Carrera-Panamericana.

Beyond those, 911 2.7 RS models mingled with 904s and Carrera GTs. Matt LeBlanc from Friends was in attendance, as was Porsche racer and guru Jürgen Barth. For one of the last events before these lovely cars are put away for the winter, it’s an event not to be missed.

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Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
8 years ago

Thanks for posting the great pictures, Jayson. And I got a kick how you slipped in your ad. 🙂

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