Travel: Love Porsche? You’d Feel At Home At The Werks Reunion

Love Porsche? You’d Feel At Home At The Werks Reunion

By Andrew Schneider
August 20, 2015

Photography by Andrew Schneider

When over 700 Porsches show up to an event, you realize the Porsche community is second to none. The Porsche brand is more than a marque. It is a brand that links generations and fosters relationships. I met some incredible individuals during my time at the Werks Reunion all more than happy to talk about the history of their cars.

The event was hosted at the beautiful Rancho Canada Golf Course. It was quite the sight to see all of the owners come together in one place, as Porsches and owners from all eras were present.

Why? Porsche is more than a marque in many ways, but importantly, it transcends time. Young owners of 993 Turbos talking with elderly owners of completely original 356s is something Ferdinand Porsche definitely would have truly appreciated.

I even met one owner who had his 1967 Porsche 912 from new and kept it completely original. The shade of blue was absolutely breathtaking. It’s interesting to note the color on these the older Porches, and the amount of chrome that was placed on the car. The chrome combined with the array of colors created a vibrant scene for all those who attended.

The insane volume of Porsches at the event was undoubtedly special, however, it was really the people that made the event unique. The comradery amongst the owners only increased my desire for a Porsche. Now, if I could only find the right 914…

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