News: Last Chance to Pass the Petition, Sign It Today!

Last Chance to Pass the Petition, Sign It Today!

By Benjamin Shahrabani
September 4, 2014

Photography by Yoav Gilad for Petrolicious

It’s a beautiful Summer’s day and you have nowhere particular to go. You decide you want to drive. Somewhere. Anywhere. You grab the keys to your car, but which one will it be? Maybe, if you’re a fan of Japanese iron, you go for the Bayside Blue Nissan Skyline R34 because you want to carve up the canyons, or perhaps the Honda Beat because you just want to feel the sun and wind in your hair? Perhaps you feel a bit more regal, and take the Jaguar XJ220 or its countryman, the TVR Tuscan, for a spin to get a traditional English tea. Perhaps you’ve got some errands to do? Sure, take your Audi RS2 Avant, or Volkswagen Vanagon Pickup Truck for those extra large runs to Home Depot? You get in, twist the key. The engine catches, and you head off…and it feels like a wonderful dream.

That’s because it is a dream–all the cars mentioned are still not legally importable into the United States.

September 5th is almost upon us, and we’ve collected over 60,000 signatures to start the process to repeal the ban on non-conforming cars and trucks. These are vehicles that are sold elsewhere in the world, but for whatever reason weren’t sold here when they were originally made. In short, that means they can’t legally be driven here in the USA until they are 25-years old. That’s too long for many Petrolisti. Let’s decrease the waiting period to a reasonable fifteen years!

We were hoping the petition would capture the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere. And to a great degree it has. Thus far it has collected 60,000 signatures, more than any other similar petition ever. That is a great accomplishment. But its well short of the 100,000 we need to get an answer from the White House.

We still have time to get the remaining signatures. Imagine the possibilities! If you haven’t already, click here to sign the petition.

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TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

Like I said before . Sign all you want . I did . It won’t make a single iota of difference though . Thanks to ;

Toyota/Lexus USA
Nissan/Infiniti USA
Honda/Acura USA
Subaru USA
Ford US
FCA USA [ Chrysler/JEEP ]
VW-Audi/Porsche USA
Hyundai/KIA USA
Mercedes Benz USA

Seriously . Those are the folks keeping the likes of you and I from getting all the fun stuff .. not the politicians [ albeit the previous are padding the politicians back pockets to guarantee they vote on the side of the corporations ] Because in their minds ….. it’ll hurt their profits if we can .

Why this works here in the US and not in Canada I can only put down to Canada’s government not bowing down to corporate interests the way ours do here in the good ole US .. Land of the Free ( assuming you have enough power and money ) of A

And lets face it . If the combined wealth and interest of the likes of Jay Leno , Bill Gates , Ralph Lauren et al along with the many of us reasonably well heeled folks couldn’t make a dent in the law . This petition sure as ___ won’t either … unfortunately

Bertram Wooster
Bertram Wooster
9 years ago

That does nothing for us in California!

Now if you could get the smog exemption date to go back to a rolling 25-year-old period, I’ll take to the streets!

9 years ago

Bertram, I couldn’t agree more. I have a 1989 MR2 that would be smog exempt with that rolling 25 year period.

Mario Rodrigo Martin
Mario Rodrigo Martin
9 years ago

Signed from Spain!!

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