Featured: Le Rallye d'Aumale 2017 Was A Beautiful And Charitable French Automotive Experience

Le Rallye d’Aumale 2017 Was A Beautiful And Charitable French Automotive Experience

By Alex Sobran
April 28, 2017

Photography by Maxence Massaro

Earlier this month Le Rallye d’Aumale completed its third year running, and though the event is young, it’s one that has immediately earned its praise. Before any jaded opinions about the attendant cars that somehow may not excite you in their own right (there are never enough photos of dew-wet and just-washed cars at sunrise though, really), know that the event is put on in support of the future of automotive enthusiasts the world over.

Sounds dramatic, but so is childhood wrought with unfairness. Profits from the weekend are directed to efforts to improve the lives of children, so that they too can indulge an interest in cool cars or whatever else a child wants to pursue. Amour d’enfants Picardie (a local group dedicated to improving the lives of children with mental and physical disabilities), and the Institut Curie (for its work towards the treatment and prevention of malignant pediatric tumors) receive the money generated by the rally’s array of activities.

Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly hosted the free-to-all event, which consisted of the classic cars featured in the gallery below as well as horse riding, driving simulators, a concours d’elegance, Polo demonstrations and a tournament, and a children’s area, among other options.

Over 200 crews then departed from the grounds on Sunday, April 9th—for inquiries and information on 2018’s edition, visit the rally’s website—for a chance to run their mixed collection of cars through a choice of two scenic routes, with the options based on the difficulty of the drive desired. Modern and vintage mingled on the gorgeous region’s roads in celebration of great cars, great places, and great causes. Here’s to a fresh event we hope has many years ahead of it. 



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Chris Cooke
Chris Cooke
6 years ago

Lovely pictures and a good few interesting cars around… Which leaves me wondering why that kit car/replica Bugatti Type 55? made the cut?

Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin
6 years ago

God, I have to say it. The pictures on this page are just ridiculously beautiful, is the main reason I come almost daily. Congratulations, Petrolicious. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll keep coming and supporting you guys!