Gear: LEGO Has Just Unveiled Its Take On The Volkswagen Beetle

LEGO Has Just Unveiled Its Take On The Volkswagen Beetle

By Benjamin Shahrabani
June 14, 2016

Truth be told, I’m still recovering from the challenging, but ultimately rewarding build of Lego’s incredible 2,704 piece Technic 911 GT3. Now, Lego conjures up another iconic car—this time from its “Creator” line—and I once again find myself sorely tempted.

This just-announced $99.99 set is an approximately 11” x 10” x 4” sized replica of a Volkswagen Beetle, and while Lego has produced a Beetle in the past, this one is surfer-inspired, complete with cooler box, and surfboard. There’s even a miniature beach towel that you can stow in the back. Really, how can one say no?

There’s not terribly too much more we can say about this 1,167 piece model that it can’t express on its own, but some very cool details include opening doors, a turning steering wheel, as well as a removable roof panel. Lifting the hood reveals a spare tire and fuel tank. Similarly, the engine compartment opens to reveal an authentic looking, 4-cylinder air-cooled engine – I wonder how many horsepower this one generates, though. Bespoke elements made just for this kit include a round tile with printed VW logo, unique arched fender elements and an updated windshield design.

The Beetle, available in August, is recommended for ages 16 and up, but my experience tells me younger kids will probably do just fine. Lego says this model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience with a touch of nostalgia.

Will you be adding this Bug to your shelf?

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8 years ago

Is this part of the Technic line? I wont be getting it for myself but it will make a kick ass gift for a friend of mine.

Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux
8 years ago

For a ”brun” like we say in Québec, I’m gonna buy this for sure.

Love the surfer vibe they went with.

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