Market Finds: Corvette Has Plenty of Paperwork and Power

Corvette Has Plenty of Paperwork and Power

By Petrolicious Productions
September 9, 2014

The car: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

Price: $38,000 (negotiable)

Location: Jackson, New Jersey, USA

Seller’s Info: Click Here

If you liked yesterday’s Your Car feature, then you might be interested in this ‘Vette. History can be documented in a variety of ways. A person can take mental snapshots of important moments in time and collect memories. Two lovers can immortalize their relationship by carving their initials and the date into the trunk of a tree (not very tasteful, though).

However, history is most typically documented through photographs and paper (as well as electronic) records. The Corvette you see here can be likened to a rolling museum exhibit. Its current owner states it has its “Protect-o-plate attached to its original pamphlet, original tank sticker, … owner’s manual … , dealer sales brochure, personal written letters from the 4 previous owners about their time with the car, including … stories and rememberances [sic], along with their registrations, and a binder of every maintenance record that dates back to 1971.”

Back then, this War-Bonnet-Yellow drop-top was ordered with power steering and brakes, air conditioning, a tilting and telescoping steering wheel, and a hard top. Chevrolet stuffed its 454 cubic-inch, 365-horsepower LS5 V8 under the long, flowing hood.

In the 95,000 miles since 1971, several components have either been replaced with new versions or rebuilt. The interior carpeting, seat upholstery and cushions, motor mounts, timing chain, and clutch are of the former variety. So are the suspension bushings, shocks, and tires. Parts such as the carburetor, distributor, alternator, four-speed transmission, steering box, and master cylinder are of the latter.

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in this car, do your homework and research it extensively before you buy.

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