News: More LEGO! This Time It's A McLaren Senna To Push Around Your Desk

More LEGO! This Time It’s A McLaren Senna To Push Around Your Desk

By News Desk
January 15, 2019

McLaren’s most extreme track-focused car, the 789bhp turbo V8 Senna, has just been released in small plastic brick form courtesy of LEGO, as part of the Speed Champions range. The 15cm-long model can be built from 219 interlocking plastic bricks and comes in Victory Grey with bright orange highlights. Also included in the kit is a set of interchangeable wheel rims, a removable windscreen and a mini-figure driver attired in a McLaren race suit detailed with Pirelli logos. Further fun comes from a buildable wind tunnel that will allow your inner aerodynamicist to assess the McLaren Senna’s remarkable 800kg of downforce for yourself. Luckily the models comes complete with a front splitter, roof snorkel, diffuser and giant rear wing, just like the real thing. We’re not sure how a 2.8 second 0-60mph time looks on the living room floor though.  

The newly released collectable is priced at $12.99 in the US and £12.99 in the UK. It’s likely to fly off the shelves–the previous McLaren Speed Champion models, in the form of both the McLaren P1 and McLaren 720S, quickly sold out and are now no longer available. As a tribute to the late, great Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna, who achieved three Formula 1 World Championships with McLaren, it’s a fine thing to have. 

Images courtesy of LEGO

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