Gear: Motorcycles and Art Collide

Motorcycles and Art Collide

By Petrolicious Productions
June 25, 2014

Designer and illustrator Gianmarco Magnani initially studied graphic design but transitioned to animation and video while still a student. But due to technical complexity and the difficulty involved with executing your vision when working within the confines of a group, he transitioned into illustration. Inspired by imagery from the 1980s, Gianmarco, or M for short, had a good friend who traveled to Japan and would bring back VHS tapes with Japanese TV shows, a lot of magazines, and toys as well.

While M couldn’t understand what was written or said he fell in love with the aesthetic, “all those images, icons, packagings, booklets, and texts were very attractive to my eye.” To this day, those references occupy a prominent place in his mind. Additionally, he lists German and, to a lesser degree, Scandinavian design among his influences as well. His automotive and vehicular art shows incredible intricacy that is balanced by a deceptively simple-looking technique. Colors are typically sparse, being used only where M seeks to draw your attention or act as a contrast. His training as a graphic designer shines through though, as M is meticulous about finding and modifying the right typefaces for each composition.

To check out M’s portfolio, click here.

To buy one of M’s prints, click here.

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9 years ago

These are some really cool art! Kinna a east meets west style, bookmarked.

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