Journal: Technical Details Blend Seamlessly With Art

Technical Details Blend Seamlessly With Art

By Petrolicious
July 2, 2014

Straddling the line between technical and artistic is Mr. Emmanuel Mergault. Based out of Laval d’Aix, France his watercolors and acrylics blend seamlessly with tight engineering-inspired touches creating art that is da Vinci-esque. Additionally, his work covers some of the most interesting cars ever built and spans decades, beginning in the 1930s up through the last decade.

Not surprisingly, a fair amount of the work covers the Golden Age of motor-racing (and our favorite period), the ’50s through the ’70s. He also covers the requisite Porsche 917, but his motorcycle pieces seem to truly benefit from the his artistic treatment as it suits their more exposed, mechanical nature as does the Lamborghini Miura painting.

To see more of Emmanuel’s work, click here.

To purchase Emmanuel’s work, click here.

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Ian Hartley
Ian Hartley
10 years ago

Great drawings, the remind me of Bob Freeman who used to draw in Supercar Classics magazine in the UK when I was a kid:

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