Gear: New Cars From Candylab Toys Have Rolled Into The Petrolicious Shop

New Cars From Candylab Toys Have Rolled Into The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
October 11, 2018

We’re big fans of Candylab, and in many ways their story is reflective of our own: a group of enthusiasts dedicated to celebrating vintage style in our modern world. They were born on the internet, but the toymaker’s aesthetic harkens back to a time before kids in strollers are mashing away on mommy and daddy’s iPad. These cars are made to last, and even when junior eventually graduates from the playing-on-the-floor phase that we all go through as children, Candylab’s modernist designs won’t need to be binned up in the attic with the rest of the broken and otherwise cheap and plasticky toys that characterize the things we grow out of. The designs are bright and and striking enough for kids to get excited about them—and more importantly, they exceed safety standards in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand—but they are also restrained and mature enough for their parents to appreciate too.

We’ve just added three more designs to our Candylab collection in the Shop, and like the rest these are also made from solid beech wood coated in water-based paint under a clear coat of urethane. The cars are variants on existing models that we carry, so whether you’re looking to expand the toy car garage or start it, there are plenty of options.

Pioneer Yucatan

With strong Jeep and Range Rover vibes in the silhouette, the sturdy stature of this wood-sided 4×4 is the perfect introduction into the world of overlanding from the comfort of the carpet. The Pioneer Yucatan features a magnetic top for the surfboard attachment, beefy tires, and a rear-mounted spare in case things get dicey out there.


Pioneer Aspen

The Aspen version of the Pioneer replaces the Yucatan’s surfboard with a colorful geometric canoe, and its wood accents are set against deep teal bodywork (or is it woodwork?).

Woodie Redux

The “woodie” wagon is a staple of American automobile design, but unlike the often delaminating full-size survivors out on the street, this one will stay in the family a lot longer. The wood sides on this boxy long-roof are feature real veneer, and like the Pioneer models the Woodie includes a surfboard that attaches to the roof thanks to a magnet embedded in the body. There is also a magnetic tow hook that can be used to hitch up Candylab’s trailer to turn it into the perfect camping trip companion.

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