Events: NEW EVENT: Lock Your Diffs, Oil Your Winches, And Join Petrolicious For Our First Drive Tastefully 4x4 Adventure

NEW EVENT: Lock Your Diffs, Oil Your Winches, And Join Petrolicious For Our First Drive Tastefully 4×4 Adventure

By Petrolicious Productions
February 10, 2020

Experience all the fun that driving off-road can offer, and join us and other like-minded trekkers for the first-ever Drive Tastefully: 4×4 Adventure. We’ll travel along 130 miles of trails and countless changes in elevation and pitch, and our off-road playground has space for all skill levels, and all vehicle types are welcome—if you’ve got 4×4 capability or off-road tires and at least 12 inches of ground clearance, you’re in. Our adventure will begin in Ojai with a relaxed afternoon rendezvous and a unique dinner event to enjoy with your fellow dirt demons.

The second day is all about the driving, and in the morning we’ll get an early start and head towards the trails in Ballinger Canyon, where you’ll can test your 4×4 driving skills in the survival course. We will spend the first part of the morning refining our techniques and learning how to avoid the common off-road driving mistakes. We’ll also learn how to get out of trouble in the wild, among other instructional and coaching opportunities. We’ll refuel at a rustic picnic stop at the Campground, and then we’ll get back to the action for some driving through trails for the remainder of the afternoon. Our full day of playing in the dirt only ends when the sun goes down. More details are below:


February 22-23, 2020


We will start in Ojai on Saturday, February 22nd.


Saturday (February 22nd):

3:00pm onwards Check-in at Ojai Rancho Inn
6:00pm Meet for drinks and dinner at The Ranch House Restaurant
10:00pm Return to the Ojai Rancho Inn

Sunday (February 23rd):

8:00am Breakfast at Ojai Rancho Inn
9:00am Drive towards the day’s first off-road trails in Ballinger Canyon
10:30am Arrival
11:00am 4×4 survival course and off-road driving skills refinement
12:30pm Stop at picnic area for a rustic lunch
2:00pm Afternoon drives on off-road trails (featuring easy, medium, and advanced level terrain)
Sunset Drive towards park exit at the end of the event


The pricing below (for both Members* and non-Members) includes all the activities, meals, refreshments, and accommodation for the duration of the event.

Petrolicious Members: $390 per person

Non-Members: $460 per person

*If you are not a Petrolicious Member but wish to sign up to access Member Pricing for this event and more Member Perks, please visit our Membership page 

Additional Information:

Number of Participants: This event is limited to just 20 cars and 40 people

Application Deadline: February 20th. Spots are limited and filling quickly.

Entry requirements:

Application is open to drivers and cars that embody our motto, Drive Tastefully. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and proof of valid insurance.

The event is open to all marques, as long as the car is equipped with off-road tires, 12″ of ground clearance, and their drivers don’t mind getting them dirty or dusty. The majority of driving activities will take place in off-road conditions. Trails will be accessible to all skill levels; more experienced off road drivers or more equipped 4×4 vehicles will be free to opt for higher-difficulty trails.

As a general guideline, pre-1980 vehicles are preferred, but special newer models will also be considered according to design and/or historical impact. The forms available here allow you to apply for this event. Once accepted, you will receive a link via email to purchase tickets.


When will I know if my application has been accepted?

We will start notifying applicants via email early next week. Those accepted will be provided with a link to purchase tickets.

What is included in the ticket price?

Pricing includes all the activities, meals, refreshments and accommodation for the whole duration of the event. The hotel rooms at Ojai Rancho Inn are all equipped with a hot tub. Check in starts at 3:00pm.

What will the training courses cover?

Vehicle inspection
Safety rules on the trail
Proper hand signals
When to select and how to use 4Low properly
How to properly air down tires
How to pick a line and trajectory
IPDE: Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
How to use straps, wheel cheats, and monitor blind spots
General survival mentality and 10 essentials for off-road survival
How to get unstuck if no one else is around to help

What is your cancellation policy and are tickets transferable?

Tickets may be canceled at any time. For tickets canceled before January 15th, 2020, there will be a 50% refund. No refunds can be awarded after that date. Tickets are otherwise non-transferrable.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please send any questions to


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