Gear: Petrolicious Gift Guide Has Ideal Items For The Petrolista On Your List

Petrolicious Gift Guide Has Ideal Items For The Petrolista On Your List

By Petrolicious Productions
November 22, 2019

Every year there is always one person who is hard to buy for, the one who is never happy. In the past, that person was probably the car enthusiast in the group. This year you can rest easy, Petrolicious Shop is here to help you out. This year you can give the gift that keeps on giving, the Petrolicious Membership, along with items you won’t find anywhere else. Only the most premium automotive accessories, toys, and gear appear in our shop. No matter your age, or level of automotive devotion, there is something for you. And if you’re buying for someone else you’ll instantly upgrade your enthusiast street cred.


An exclusive way to experience Petrolicious through brand-new film series, a collectible quarterly print publication, special event access, and more perks for members who share our enthusiasm for Driving Tastefully. Choose from Standard or Premium Membership and gift it for a loved one here.

Petrolicious Originals

Petrolicious Originals are perfect for a Sunday morning drive, working on the car, or relaxing in between. If you know somebody who checks our pages daily and has an affinity for cars cut from a certain cloth, these make for awesome, and most importantly, relevant gifts.

See more from Petrolicious Originals here.


Bart Kuykens Volume 1 – 4


“Sultry and sexy, mean and moody, this is automotive photo porn at its best: Bart’s eye for a stylish shot has captured the characters and the cars absolutely, and his black-and-white subjects brim with charisma and innuendo in mysterious and enigmatic locations, featuring classic 911s festooned with inner meaning, their keepers and models effecting surly postures, contriving fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. It’s the gothic Porsche photo album par excellence.” – Johnny Tipler

See more from Bart Kuykens here.


Candy Lab Toys

Candylab Toys are unique and perfectly engineered modern vintage toy. Made with real waxed canvas, a magnetic surfboard accessory, and carefully crafted woodwork – all lovingly packed in an old school, string tie-down collectors box. Perfect for your inner five year old or your actual one.

See more from Candylab here.

Remove Before

We’ve always been big fans of the well-crafted minimalist artwork from Remove Before, and besides having chosen a group of very poster-worthy cars that includes Countachs and CSLs, they offer a clean and uncluttered boost to the otherwise bland aesthetics of a white wall. If you know somebody with a glaring blankness on their walls and a penchant for badass German classics, look no further. It’s not all Teutonic though, as you’ll find Ferraris and more in the full collection.

See more from Remove Before here.

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