Gear: Shift With Style and Class

Shift With Style and Class

By Petrolicious Productions
April 16, 2013

Changing gears is either an absolutely central or a nearly involuntary part of driving a car, depending on whether you’re in full-attack, de-stress mode through a challenging set of twisties or merely in brain-off commuter setting. Either way, nothing better highlights the sheer physicality of driving, that sacred man-machine interface, than the humble shift knob. There’s probably no other control that you’ll operate as much in a lifetime, so it might as well be topped by something special. In that spirit we’ve selected a handful of lovely vintage, NOS, and racing-style knobs here for your perusal.

Click the links below to see the eBay listings.

Vintage 12 Purple Pool Ball Shift Knob

Ferrari Mondial Dino Factory Shift Knob

Brand New VW Golf GTI Ball Shift Knob NOS

Rare 1960s-era Original Ferrari 250 Wooden Shift Knob

Vintage Ferrari Gear Shift Knob and Handle

Original 1937/38 Ford V8 Flathead Shift Knob

Rare Ferrari Shift Knob and Gear Shifter Assembly

Restored BMW Walnut Wood OEM Shift Knob

Porsche 908/917-style Shift Knob

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Rip Curl
Rip Curl(@nuvolari)
8 years ago

The VW golf ball brought back some fond memories. Almost made me want to buy the NOS listing just for the heck of it.

Wesley Borden
Wesley Borden(@wmborden)
8 years ago

Hurst 4-Speed T-Handle…for the win!

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru(@leuceaalexandru)
8 years ago

Here you go, this is the one missing from the collage. Not Forgetting the GTI trademark, the Golf ball Gear Knob (with the shift pattern indeed).

Gilberto Jimenez
Gilberto Jimenez(@gil)
8 years ago

My ’87 Jetta coupe has the GTI ball shift knob but with a shift pattern :D:D

8 years ago

how in g-d’s name could you fail to post an alfa spider woodie? that’s a knob my friends.

8 years ago

Oooh nice golf ball VW one.