Gear: Choose New Shoes For Your Car

Choose New Shoes For Your Car

By Petrolicious Productions
March 26, 2013

The quickest, easiest way to change or enhance a car’s style is with aftermarket wheels. Whether chosen to allow wider or bigger diameter rubber, for lighter weight, to clear upgraded brakes, for a change of style, or any mix of these reasons, wheels undeniably make or break a car.

There are certain classic combinations that never go out of fashion, like Minilites on MGs, Cragars on Detroit Muscle, and Dunlops on E-types, but sometimes bold experimentation nets great rewards—for example, how about a set of Ferrari 308 Cromodoras for your Volvo 242GT, or a set of the incredibly funky Saab 99 Turbo “Inca” wheels, designed to look like turbo vanes, on a first-generation RX-7? Results, of course, may vary. While bolt pattern and offset restrictions mean that not every wheel will work with every car, this information is pretty easy to come across with a quick Google-ing. Alternately, a good wheel can make an amazing piece of garage art, or for the single man, one seriously cool glass coffee table base—just check out the single F40 wheel we found!

Here’s a little slice of the tasty selection of vintage rolling stock available on eBay at the moment.

Wheels shown above:

Benzoni BWA for Alfa Romeo GTV 6 or Milano

JDM Dunlop

Vintage Dunlop Mini Cooper Wheels

Cromadora for Ferrari Fiat Dino

JDM Panasport

Saab 99 Turbine

Ferrari F40 Speedline


JDM SSR Super Shark

Trans Am WS6 Snowflake

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Mihai Oprean
Mihai Oprean(@fb_100000849313086)
8 years ago

dat rim!

Xander Cesari
Xander Cesari(@xander18)
8 years ago

I really dig the Compomotives I have on my GTV6. Very ’80s, similar to the Speedlines for that Italian thing, but still quite unique. They might get taken back to silver or repainted some other variety of two tone.

8 years ago

Second the no BBS comment. Currently refinishing a set of BBS Style 42 wheels – 2 piece version – for my BMW 73 CS.

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick(@kevin)
8 years ago

I’m going to put porsche phone dials on my miata this spring….

Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin(@fb_708277174)
8 years ago

Good man! That sounds like a great match. Looking for a set now to put on my brother-in-law’s MKII Jetta coupe.

8 years ago

I am sure these Alfa 90’s era designs will become classics in less than a decade:

Selespeed (I have these on my 156 and really adore them):

Teledials (Much sought after) from the GTA version:

Derek Entesano
Derek Entesano(@fb_571286788)
8 years ago

Campagnolo had some great offerings too. Like the ones that the Pantera wears. I know firms like Compomotive sell replicas of Campys and Cromodora rims.

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
8 years ago

Im always on the look out for wheels, I have lots of searches in ebay with email notifications, for some time I have been looking for 13″ Appliance mag/spokes with a Triumph PCD, and a set of classic mini 1275 GT unipart/GAW Silverstone challenge 12’s, one wheel comes up every now and then (once a year), usually from a seller that gave up on finding a full set.

Frazer Spowart
Frazer Spowart(@fb_27411639)
8 years ago

No BBS offerings?! Out of these, I’d take the JDM Panasports. They’d look great on a Mk1 or Mk 2 Ford Escort. Right then, must get an escort to put these on!

Ryan Hoyle
Ryan Hoyle(@drweelan)
8 years ago

I like the cromodoras. I want some like those CD1’s for my 79fiat spider which currently has the cromodora turbos and I’m just not feeling them. I’d go back to stock steelies but they’re 13×4.5 or 5. there’s just not many tire options out there.
I also am warming up to the thought of my spider with minilites. They look better than the turbos for my taste.

So I’d pick CD1’s(or any cromodora that style), or minilites. When can I pick them up? 🙂

Davis Kinzell
Davis Kinzell(@conky)
8 years ago

I’m on a Porsche kick right now, and so I’m torn between Minilites/RS Watanabes, Ruf five spoke, and RSR Fuchs. Only wish there was more rubber available for wide 16″.