Gear: Vintage Gas Globes Glow With Cool

Vintage Gas Globes Glow With Cool

By Petrolicious Productions
April 25, 2013

We love antique gas pumps for their honest, mechanical forms, glass meters, bright colors, variation of styles and designs, but most of all, we love them for the colorful, art-deco masterpieces adorning their tops like glowing crowns—the gas pump globe. These delicate, hand-painted milk glass orbs illuminated with a soft but attention-grabbing light, designed to attract motorists with emptying tanks to gas station forecourts. Each of the hundreds of then-extant brands had their own colors and logos, and frequently even their own shape—sometimes straying wildly from the standard globe form to more exotic three-dimensional six-sided crosses, octagons, donuts, cubes, and numerous other designs.

Here’s a small gallery of some of the coolest we could find. Click here to see the collection from Globes and Signs

Richfield Gasoline of Power Globe – $2800

Pan-Am Ethyl Globe – $1400

Thrifty Gas Globe – $1700

United Gasoline Globe – $600

Tydol Ethyl – $950

Knight Oil Co. Regular Globe – $3250

Johnson Ethyl Globe – $4000

Photo Sources from Globes and Signs 

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Chris Macha
Chris Macha
11 years ago

I just purchased an Atlantic Richfield gas pump, a 50’s vintage Gilbarco and will adding a reproduction globe like the one pictured. These are so cool.

Nicholas Little
Nicholas Little
11 years ago

If the writers of Petrolicious are ever in Redwood City, CA, they should check out Kohlweiss Auto Parts. They have a pretty substantial collection of vintage pumps! (its also one of the best independent auto parts stores, I make a trip there whenever I’m in the Bay Area.)

Josh Clason
11 years ago

Thanks for the recommendation! We will check it out next time we are up in the Bay Area.

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