Journal: You Can Buy Magnus Walker's Old 'STR II' Outlaw Porsche 911

You Can Buy Magnus Walker’s Old ‘STR II’ Outlaw Porsche 911

By Petrolicious
March 28, 2019

Magnus Walker has become something of a household name in the car community over the last decade. Even outside of the Porsche sphere, the dreadlocked Brit is a well-known personality, and a role model to many in the restomod scene. The unofficial ambassador of today’s 911 hot-rodding scene has a collection that includes a few transaxles and a few factory-spec cars, but ask anyone what Magnus drives and they’ll inevitably refer to one of his more modified examples. One such car, dubbed “STR II,” is up for auction right now on PCARMARKET, with the virtual hammer scheduled to come down Friday at 2:30PM Eastern Time.

Magnus hasn’t owned the thing since 2013, but it remains as he intended it, and the build is far more thorough than most 911s riding the most recent restomod wave of popularity, a wave that surely grew in the wake of Magnus’s early Outlaw films. The added value from this car’s pop culture status will be hard to suss out from the overall sale price, and considering how much a well-sorted hot-rod 911 goes for without a big name attached to it, this will likely go north of $300,000. You can read about and see more of the build as it came together on Magnus’ site for the STR II here, and the auction in progress can be viewed here, on PCARMARKET. The basics for the busy: built on a ’72 911T base, power comes from a short-stroke mechanically-injected 3.2L, the suspension has been comprehensively upgraded, and the wide flares are all steel. Tons of photos and additional details are listed on the build page.

Never heard of PCARMARKET? Think Bring a Trailer but just for Porsches. There are a couple of neat tweaks to the standard online auction formats—like sellers receiving a percentage of the sale price in no reserve auctions—and if you aren’t into the “Magnus 911,” there are a couple of sweet alternatives to window-shop, like the 964 Turbo here.

What do you think the STRII will go for? Magnus rarely sells his 911 creations, and this was one of the early cars that helped propel his popularity, so some Porsche enthusiasts will view this more as a cultural artifact than a well-built 901 restomod.

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Bill Durham
Bill Durham
1 year ago

Was this originally sold to a buyer in the Durham, NC area? A dumpster dive produced a very moldy 8×10 signed Enjoy the STR02, Magnus, Karen, Jay Leno, with another photo thanks for you support, Magnus and Karen. From a cleaned out flooded storage unit. Googling this made me very sad about her passing.

Chad C.
Chad C.
5 years ago

Can’t help but wonder if he”ll buy it back…

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