Market Finds: This Perfect Symbol Of 1980s Excess Ferrari Testarossa Is Coming Up For Sale

This Perfect Symbol Of 1980s Excess Ferrari Testarossa Is Coming Up For Sale

By News Desk
May 24, 2019

The 1980s were defined by conspicuous consumption and excess that permeated every area of society. The motoring world too was suddenly populated with turbocharged Porsches, Lotuses and aggressively styled Lamborghinis, but whereas these cars could trace their beginnings back to the ’70s or even earlier, the Testarossa was an all-new supercar that majored on the excess of the day. Sure, it shared some components with the BB512i but just about every part had been redesigned and upgraded.

The Pininfarina-designed body was wide, low and soon became the central feature on every teenage boy’s bedroom wall. Between those wide hips sits a 385hp 4.9-liter flat-12 that gave the heavy car a turn of speed that can still put a big smile on your face, not least because of that captivating exhaust note. Values of these ‘80s icons have been steadily rising thanks to the nostalgia value associated with this era but the Testarossa is more than just a pretty face and while the later cars are slightly less desirable than the first batch of knock-off wheeled, single wing mirror models, any good condition example will be pushing past the $100,000 mark these days.

The Rosso Corsa example you see here was built in 1988 which means it should have the newer 16-inch wheel and tire combo. The black leather interior looks virtually unmarked thanks to the low 15,700-miles displayed on the odometer. It has been with the same owner for 15-years and comes complete with its book, tools and spare wheel. It will be offered for sale at RM Sotheby’s Auburn Spring Auction, which is taking place between 29 May and 1 June. With an estimated value of between $100,000 and $120,000, this pristine redhead is an essential part of any modern classic collection.

Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer
5 years ago

I preferred the previous use of actual author’s names. Having a “real person” for a by-line just seems more user friendly and emphasizes the personal connection that I think many Petrolisti have with the site. News Desk just seems cold and remote.

Jack Chesnutt
Jack Chesnutt
5 years ago

As more and more Petrolicious articles are written by that guy, News Desk… And more and more articles are about something for sale.. often at the Petro “Shop”.. I sense that the quality of this site is slipping. Please convince me that I’m wrong by posting more stories and fewer sponsored blocks of copy interspaced with photos supplied by the sponsor.

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