Gear: This Automatic Watch Winder Is Built Into An E36 M3 Engine Block

This Automatic Watch Winder Is Built Into An E36 M3 Engine Block

By Ted Gushue
August 1, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

If you’re a car guy who’s also a watch guy, your life is full of first world problems. How can I safely and securely keep my watches accurately wound? How can I display them in a way befitting my petrol passion? Why don’t I have an engine block sitting in my man cave? If these are the questions keeping you awake at night, Vulcan Innova has you covered.

They’ve just launched what they call the VI52, a tech-packed watch winding solution that’s baked into an E36 M3 engine block. Utilizing as much of the original engine parts as possible, the cats over at Vulcan Innova have gone to great lengths to make sure your watches are locked and loaded. As they put it: “Each VI52 piston is individually driven by robotics-grade stepper motors, resulting in quiet and fully controllable movement. The watch-holder pistons can be custom-calibrated to wind any specific timepiece for clients. Up to eight distinct winding modes—including individual ones for each watch—can be easily programmed using a button located at each cylinder. Two generic pre-set synchronized winding modes that wind all watches at the same rate are also available. Vulcan Innova is also able to add or modify more modes for clients via USB updates. During each winding cycle, LED indicators at each cylinder blink periodically.”

As is fitting for the code of the engine block used here, production of the VI52 is limited to—wait for it—52 units. Each one is customized to the owner’s specifications, which as you can imagine puts the price squarely in the “by appointment” category.

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Lars Birkemose
Lars Birkemose(@lars_birkemose)
3 years ago

Oh yeah, the Speedy will certainly benefit from this …

4 years ago

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jack c
jack c
4 years ago

elegant, expensive solution in search of a real problem

Sam N
Sam N
4 years ago

$25k!? Love all things related to watches but I would grab another track car for that kind of money. High end winders are $5k. You can find nice for ~$1k. Grab a tossed block from your local speed shop and put them next to each other.

4 years ago

US M50/M52/S50/S52 all use the same block