Reader Submissions: This Caterham 165 Was The Perfect Wedding Day Companion For This French Couple

This Caterham 165 Was The Perfect Wedding Day Companion For This French Couple

By Michael Banovsky
September 22, 2016

We get all sorts of fascinating stories into our shared inbox, but recently, one was a breath of fresh air—a French enthusiast by the name of Clément Claudinon sent in a few photos of his Caterham Seven 165 being used as his post-wedding getaway car! It’s definitely a striking way to leave the church…while barefoot because the pedals in the Seven are so close together!

As Claudinon says, the Seven is actually surprisingly practical as car on modern roads. “I can put things simply. In France, buying a Caterham 165S is expensive, but having a Caterham is quite simple: tires are cheap, fuel economy is 5 or 6 L/100 km, there’s no environmental penalty, and the road certificate is cheaper than a moto,” he says. “So it’s not like a Ferrari or a Porsche or even a Renault Megane RS, if you can buy it you, will be able to make it work.”

“I could tell you a lot of thing about driving it because, after all, it’s also why I bought it. When you read somewhere than driving a Caterham is the best car to drive fast, it’s absolutely true. Before this car, I drove different ones, but I was always either powerless or scared. The 165 is a way different car, you can drive fast on open roads without risk. Indeed, the car never understeers, and if the car oversteers, you can control it with a ‘slice’ of countersteering and the right pedal.”

“Even if you make a mistake or if the road becomes slippery, you can feel the car and the road through the wheel at any moment. This is really why I love driving my 165, you feel everything, you’re close to the road, the tires are thin, the wheel is small, and the is no electronic help.”

“About ownership, the only complicated thing are the logistics. The dealership is 900 km (560 miles) from home and my mechanic is 100 km (62 miles) away, so it’s a bit complicated. For everything else, it’s only happiness, thumbs are all up, police leave you alone, younger kids want to get in, and older people have stories about Lotus or anything. I think that our honeymoon was incredible thanks to the 165.”

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john parkins
john parkins
1 year ago

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Егор Кривушенко
Егор Кривушенко
2 years ago

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7 years ago

I signed up just to comment on this article. I’ve been enjoying the content on the site for a few months now and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this short article and photo essay in particular. A nice change from the usual garage and winding road shots.

The choice of photos is particularly brilliant. From the opening photo of the two altar boys being distracted; by the car, from the proper path for young men; as evidenced by the boy scouts talking to the priest. To the shot of the bride smiling knowingly as her new husband changes his shoes in order to fit into the car.

And the final photo is a masterpiece. What bride is not the the most beautiful girl in the world on her wedding day, what groom does not wear that knowing grin of having the world by the tail. (I’ve got that same grin in our wedding photos!) He’s got the car, and the most beautiful girl ever. – I win!
I’ve often read of “How her eyes sparkled” but this photograph(er) captures it somehow. So few photos but so much story told by them.

Well done everyone!

7 years ago

very nice! our marriage was accompanied by a striking car too: my father was pleased to lend us his bmw 3.0 csi (e9), in which my wife was driven to church by her father and away from church by me. unforgettable!

Clement Charles Cl
Clement Charles Cl
7 years ago
Reply to  austrianguy

Yeah! one of my favorite car, and it’s better for the brushing