Featured: This Is How You Make A Car Club That’s Not A Club

This Is How You Make A Car Club That’s Not A Club

By Amaury Laparra
January 8, 2016

Photos courtesy of Asphalt Heritage Club

On the face of it, the Asphalt Heritage Club is a group of five young interior architects that truly love the design of classic cars, the way they drive, and the emotions they provide. And, as French guys, we are also very much connected to food.

“Foie gras, gasoline, and saucisson”. Those simple words could describe AHC’s philosophy. We have nothing to sell, nothing to prove, we just want to share by our photos what we do during our free time since 2009—the year we all met in the same interior architecture and product design classroom we were in.

And we were absolutely enthusiastic about mixing our hobbies together: we have Clément Daventure, the artist that loves painting, and raced in karting and Golf GTi MK1 championships; Arthur Pothier, the assiduous guy that can fix any mechanical problem, anytime; Olivier Oksman, the cars and foie gras provider; Matthieu Brottel, the mountain native mostly in love with Pre-War cars and Hispano Suiza; and myself, the never-tired road tripper and photographer.

Thanks to the passion inherited from our parents, we got to love cars from the ’60s to the ’80s, to grow with them, and cherish them as our fathers did. We all grew up in car families from different tastes, but all reunited around the same love for old motoring. Hence the Club’s name, a true heritage that we all had since we were child.

Then the idea cannot be more simple: we organize not really organized gatherings of friends just to drive, eat, drive, and drive more, for day or a week trips through France or abroad. Just to find twisty roads, to join trackdays, or classic car events we like to follow or sometimes compete in for a weekend, like the Le Mans Classic or the Tour Auto.

We photograph what we see, and what we like, and then post it online. And we are quite selfish about that…as we only post photos we took ourselves to keep it 100% authentic. We enjoy all classic cars, driving them everyday like commuter cars—and believe it’s important to share this experience with you.

Look for more from the Asphalt Heritage Club in the coming weeks. If you’d like to keep up with the Asphalt Heritage Club in the meantime, visit its website, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr.

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

Nice ! I like the concept as well as the cars . Here’s how we organized our little club back at University back in the 70’s ;

1) You had to prove you paid at least 80\% of the cost of the car … not your family
2) It had to be a relatively exotic and rare car [ at one point we had everything from a Morgan to an Alpina 320i ]
3) You … along with the club had to do [ and pay for ] at least 80\% of the work and repairs keeping your car on the road . e.g. rubes need not apply
4) Your car had to be your daily driver !
5) You also made all your tools available in the communal garage

Some strict rules of membership for certain …. but with a whole lot of fun , camaraderie … not to mention having a couple of the fairer sex joining in as well … as full fledged rule abiding members

Oh … and as a club we got our library as well as bookstore [ back when university book stores and libraries had genuine standards ] accept CAR Magazine as literature … not to mention acknowledging LJK Straight as a genuine author

Ahh .. those were the days … standards …. what ever became of them