Gear: This Refrigerator Is A Fiat 500

This Refrigerator Is A Fiat 500

By Michael Banovsky
October 26, 2015

It takes a special sort of room to get away with having a car parked inside of it, but perhaps if a car is reduced to its essence it’s able to blend in more easily?

Two Italian firms, Smeg and Meritalia, have been given creative license to reimagine genuine Fiat 500 body panels as pieces of furniture, not as part of a city car. Smeg, makers of upmarket appliances, turned the car into a minibar refrigerator, complete with retro styling details and a chrome control panel under hood. Meritalia uses the 500 as furniture, from the “Picnic” table with a 500 fascia at its base, or the “Panorama” sofa, which can be trimmed and painted to taste.

Prices range from €4,200 for the “Cincin” half table to €6,900 for the “Picnic” table. Also using genuine body panels are the Smeg minibars, with the prices I’ve seen at about €7,000, with Smeg quoting a two month build time. Would you park a Fiat 500 in your living space? 

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Philip Roth
Philip Roth
8 years ago

Where can this furniture be purchased? I have tried the websites with no success.