Reader Submissions: Touring Cape Town in a Porsche 912

Touring Cape Town in a Porsche 912

By Petrolicious Productions
April 1, 2015

Photographer: Vince Perraud

With a few extra days to spare while on a corporate shoot in South Africa, I decided to stay a few extra days to cruise around Cape Town and take some time to complete personal work. Thanks to my assistant, I ended up with this beautiful “pumpkin”, a 1968 Porsche 912.

Before going to South Africa, I asked my assistant Shafiek if he could find an interesting classic car to drive while in the country, and after some searching I didn’t expect to get a Porsche! We spent four days driving in and around Cape Town, and met a lot of interesting people—including Matt, the dude with the cool “surf” Mercedes-Benz in the photos.

I was worried about driving on the opposite side of the car (Traffic in South Africa is on the left side, as in the UK; their cars are mostly right-hand-drive -Ed.), but after 20 minutes it was OK. The area around Cape Town is beautiful, there are so many landscapes; you can get city, mountains, and the beach all less than 20 minutes away—the time it will take you to adjust to driving on the other side of the car!

It was my first proper cruise with a car like that, and with the location, models to shoot with for photos, and great weather, I recommend getting a classic car—and a few extra days—on your next trip.

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Yevhen Revko
Yevhen Revko(@yevhenrevko)
5 years ago

Awesome shots! The landscapes are truly breathtaking and the pumpkin does a remarkably good job on accompanying the scenery. Color combination seems to be the best part of these photos, keep it up!

5 years ago

It’s not a MY 1968, maybe it’s registered in SA in 1968. It has the small mirror, no safetyhandles on the front quarter window, the chrome bezels, engine lid with bar…

Ian cockburn
Ian cockburn(@iancockburn)
6 years ago

Great photos. Would love contact details of who is hiring the 912 as I am based in Cape Town and now need to do this!

Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch(@hangman)
6 years ago

Love this car. I own a ’68 912 in Bahama Yellow, just like this gem, with a few performance adds mixed in. Interesting to see the green gauges, must be a ROW thing as in ’68 in the US they had transitioned to black….and of course no side markers on the car. Great landscape. Great car. Good piece.

Vianney Lalain
Vianney Lalain(@vianney)
6 years ago

Great pics Vince, love them all! Both the little 912 and the landscapes are at their best. Cheers