Journal: We Sent This Alfa Romeo Duetto to LA's Dwell On Design Event As A Live Photobooth

We Sent This Alfa Romeo Duetto to LA’s Dwell On Design Event As A Live Photobooth

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
June 25, 2016

Photography by nottherealshawncarter

This weekend in Los Angeles, our friends over at Dwell are holding their annual Dwell on Design exhibition and conference, where aesthetically driven, design-savvy attendees will, “step into the pages of Dwell, and experience modern design.”  For this year’s convention, we’ve teamed up with Dwell by bringing one of the most iconic automotive designs straight from the recently launched Petrolicious Marketplace — the 1996 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, Pininfarina’s last design.

We felt the Duetto was a tasteful choice considering this car will be surrounded by some of the great design minds in the country over the next couple days.  Do us proud, Duetto.

Should you happen to be stopping by the event at the LA Convention Center, we encourage you to check out the Duetto in Dwell’s outdoor vignette and grab a few photos with the car in their live photobooth (yes, gif’s are available). 

If you really like it, remember, it can be yours.

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Ethan Lance
Ethan Lance

Thanks for being part of the booth guys! The Alfa was a massive hit. We had hundreds of people stop by to pose in a photo with it.


I still consider Duetto as the most romantic car ever made. Did you know that when Alfa ran the naming contest in which Duetto name was selected, suggestions included “Adolf Hitler,” and “Mussolini.” Hilarious.


Typo in the headline…photobooth, not phootbooth.
cool car.