Reader Submissions: Volvo 1800S Is Integral to this Husband and Wife's Relationship

Volvo 1800S Is Integral to this Husband and Wife’s Relationship

By Petrolicious Productions
December 3, 2013

Owner: Michael Wayne

Age: 32

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Year, Make, & Model: 1964 Volvo 1800S

Photographer: Kari Herer

Michael and his wife made the decision to incoporate Michael’s 1800S into their wedding photo shoot when they tied the knot last year. The Volvo 1800S has always been an integral part of their relationship and holds sentimental value to both of them; Michael drove one on their first date, and together they made a 1200-mile round-trip journey to acquire this current one. The car has been a constant in their ever changing lives in Boston, where they both live and work, and they determined that it will be something they’ll continue to enjoy together as the years unfold.

Michael spent five years searching for the right 1800; the year, color, and condition had to be just right. A love for Volvo 1800s runs in the family; back in 1969, his father took a European delivery of a Volvo 1800S, and Michael’s older brother has owned a number of examples over the years. Right out of college, Michael found his first 1800S on a farm in Kansas and purchased it as a project. He learned a great deal from the car but longed for a more solid example to refine; then proceeded the five-year search.

He finally happened upon a Craigslist ad listed by Concours Cars of Colorado in Colorado Springs and immediately called for information. The owner had recently passed away and the car initially checked all of Michael’s prerequisites. The very next day, he and his girlfriend (now wife) got in her car and drove the 600 miles from Boston to look at the Volvo. After Michael’s thorough inspection, he purchased the car and enjoyed a trouble-free 600-mile drive home.

The history of each individual car is important to Michael, because it tells the story of its life. He is lucky enough to have every receipt on this 1800S car since new, including all of the dealer literature and service stamps. He can also trace each owners, who were in the Colorado Springs area since 1964. 

In the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts is where Michael spends his summers. He is a musician for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and this is the orchestra’s summer home. He drives the 1800 every day (weather permitting) along the back roads to work; the demands of work vanish the moment he turns the key and makes his way home over the Richmond Mountain Road.

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Paul Dannenberg
Paul Dannenberg
7 years ago

Great pictures! I also have a similar story: Purchased white 1964 122S from my Dad in 1968, met my future wife from the Berkshires in 1969 and we proceeded to drive it all over New England together for the next 3 years. Was a part of our wedding in 1972. Will try to find some pictures of it as I took alot of photos in those days.

Wogbe Ofori
Wogbe Ofori(@maestro)
8 years ago

Very nice article. The photos are fantastic, and that’s one of the most sorted looking examples of a P1800 that I’ve ever seen. I’ve always appreciated the boldness of the styling (albeit a bit awkward), and think that the car is under appreciated in that sense.

The Saint would be proud.


Tim Monroe
Tim Monroe(@nogirlsatgt)
8 years ago

I’ve got an oddly similar old Volvo story. I bought my 1967 122s while living in the Berkshires of Western MA (same as this dude), around the time I started dating my then-girlfriend-now-wife (same as this dude). She helped me move it 1200 miles (same as this dude). It’s been such a “constant” in our relationship that we also used it in our wedding (same as this dude). Photos [url=””]here[/url] and [url=””]here.[/url]

chip caruana
chip caruana(@ccaruana)
8 years ago

Beautiful car. Great dealer, they worked on our Jag. Just one comment. It’s over 2000 miles from Boston to Colorado Springs.

Jake Williams
Jake Williams(@shred316)
8 years ago

This is one of those couples that’re going to grow old and still be driving that car around because it’s always been there and it’s just as much a family member as either of them. What a wonderful story.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
8 years ago

maybe the chromatic aberration is style ?

anyways congrats to the happy couple, this looks like a threesome that won’t end in tears.

and congrats to petrolicious for another fine story !

Diego Torres Tobalina
Diego Torres Tobalina(@fb_100002633981134)
8 years ago

Omg Petrolicious, that chromatic aberration is something I would not expect from you guys, cheers! (Please don’t take it as a rude comment)

motoring con brio
motoring con brio(@motoringconbrio)
8 years ago

C’mon, this is a wonderful story. The [i]wedding photographer[/i] took these shots — not Petrolicious staff.

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle(@mosler)
8 years ago

Another great article as always petrolicious 🙂 I have always loved the volvo p1800. Its one of the few volvos id actually like to own and the story behind this one is one more reason i love being a car guy! Most people see cars as just a pile of metal, glass,plastic or maybe a tool to get you from point A to point B but when you see stories like this you realize there is so much more to a car like passion ,beauty,connection with other people. i dont know of many other products that even come close to what a car can do for the soul