Gear: We've Partnered With Dom Vetro On These Classically-Styled 'Petrolista' Sunglasses

We’ve Partnered With Dom Vetro On These Classically-Styled ‘Petrolista’ Sunglasses

By Petrolicious Productions
April 11, 2019

Frame sizing, pricing, and shipping information can be found in the individual links above or right here

Ashley Bézamat began designing and producing sunglasses under the Dom Vetro name in 2012, and two years ago he relocated the budding operation from the Veneto region of Italy back to his hometown of Los Angeles. The workspace is only a few stoplights away from the Petrolicious headquarters in Culver City, CA, so it was only a matter of time before our two brands became friends (businesses being people and all). Dom Vetro is a company with values that map all but directly onto ours; aesthetics are paramount, and although “the way it used to be” often trumps the way it’s done now, there is plenty of value to be found in mixing accumulated know-how with vintage inspiration.

Like the rest of the brand’s sunglasses, the exclusive “Petrolista” edition of Dom Vetro’s popular F-36 frame is handcrafted on a made-to-order basis, and the completed pieces channel the style of the 1960s without any of issues of period-correct levels of quality control. The idea of high-end semi-bespoke sunglasses is not a new one in and of itself, but the fact that Dom Vetro uses a small team employees to produce its frames right here in Los Angeles makes this a rare participant in a market that’s increasingly going the way of Luxottica monopolies and mass production. Ray-Ban Aviators will never not be cool, but they’re churned out at conveyer belt rates and it’s only a matter of time before the upcoming Top Gun film necessitates even more shelf space.

The F-36 “Petrolista” frames are currently available in three styles—vintage tortoise, maple tortoise, and quartz—and all are constructed from imported Italian acetate. The lenses are constructed from UV400 protection-rated CR-39 allyl diglycol carbonate (ADC), and have anti-reflective coating on the backside.

The fit is snug to the face, the design is sleek and pared-down, and they look downright at home dangling from the spoke of a wood-rimmed Hellebore. Each pair also has an optional removable clip for additional sun protection, which also adds an extra layer to the overall look.

Vintage Tortoise [LINK]

Maple Tortoise [LINK]

Quartz [LINK]

Frame sizing, pricing, and shipping information can be found in the individual links above or right here

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Son of stig
Son of stig

afshin, why couldnt we get these sunglasses available

Saud Qureshi
Saud Qureshi

I’m curious, since these are sunglasses are aimed at drivers; why not go with polarized lenses?

Paul Bilek
Paul Bilek

Just ordered mine!

Nikola Dume

My most important consideration when looking for sunglasses for driving are the lenses. I didn’t read a single line about the effort that went into making these suitable for driving. I wish you wrote about that in the article, because I know you have thought about it.

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia

Very good point, Nikola. We’ll update the article with more details about the lenses, in the meantime, this is from the product listing: CR-39 lenses with backside anti-reflective coating.

Dennis White
Dennis White

Wish they were prescription for us old blind guys!

Ed Moses

It would be nice to get the frame to fit clear prescription lenses and then have the coloured clips on as an option.