Market Finds: Yes, You Can Own The Shooting Brake Jaguar Should Have Built

Yes, You Can Own The Shooting Brake Jaguar Should Have Built

By Michael Banovsky
November 16, 2015

Photography Courtesy of Bonhams

Automotive writers love shooting brakes for a simple reason: they’re awesome.

They’re also relatively rare; building a two-door wagon from a coupé hasn’t exactly been a money-making enterprise for the companies who’ve tried it. You can find wagon-ized Chevrolet Corvettes and even Ferraris, but the ultimate in practical, usable shooting brakes must be a Lynx Eventer.

This example is based on a formerly-flying-buttress-equipped 1988 Jaguar XJS V12 HE. The Eventer conversion was conceived as the perfect grand tourer for those who needed a bit more luggage space. For dogs, cases of wine, or shopping bags after a jaunt to Milan, with the rear seats folded, this Jaguar could hold 42 cu ft. of, well, stuff. For reference, that’s the same volume a modern Audi Q7 can muster with its third row of seats folded.

When new, the Eventer conversion depended on the owner’s preferences and budget, but figure around £7,000 on top of the 1988 list price of around £21,000. This particular example has been recently serviced (to the tune of almost £10,000), and is estimated to fetch between £25,000–30,000, or about what it would have sold for when new.

Until a few more decades have passed and it’s firmly into “classic” territory, it may not deliver the best return on investment. For the right enthusiast, however, it probably doesn’t matter: few coachbuilt specials can top a V12 station wagon.

– Recent extensive servicing

~261 horsepower, 5,343-cc SOHC 12-cylinder engine with Lucas-Bosch fuel injection, 3-speed automatic transmission, monocoque steel chassis, independent front suspension, Jaguar independent rear suspension, and four-wheel power disc brakes. Wheelbase: 102 in.

Vehicle information
Registration no.: E467 UTX
Chassis no.: SAJJNAEW3BA148813
Engine no.: 8S057671HB

Auction house: Bonham’s
Estimate: £25,000–30,000
Price realized: TBD; Auction on December 10

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Jim Levitt
Jim Levitt
6 years ago

Too bad it’s RHD and was on this side of the pond, I would bid on this, i LOVE wagons

Nicolas Astras
Nicolas Astras
6 years ago

That garage needs a thatched roof. Then the picture is perfect.

Jeremy DeConcini
Jeremy DeConcini
6 years ago

Love it!