Films: 1964 Mercury Marauder: The Odyssey
Made To Drive | S13 E1
1983 March 83G: Spirit Of Miami
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Made To Drive | S13 E05

1964 Mercury Marauder: The Odyssey

Though it is inspired by NASCAR, this stately beast can still carve a canyon.
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Made To Drive
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2 years ago

Same sentiment as last comment. Great story and best wishes to the owner, who has clearly put a lot of heart into the car, and the institution of vintage cars.

Austin Powers
Austin Powers(@austin_powers)
2 years ago

Beautiful car. What a throwback, it’s so well done. Wishing the Owner better health in the future so that he can enjoy it for as long as he can.

2 years ago

Cool car but even cooler owner. I hope he is able to find appropriate medical treatment for his condition so that he can enjoy this beauty.

Alex McGrath
Alex McGrath(@axmax)
2 years ago

Great story and beautiful car. Bummer with the legs though. Wonder if David Snyder NLP could help. He treats the emotional roots of physical conditions with very good results. He’s got a lot of youtube videos you can check out.

2 years ago

I drove a ’67 Mercury Montcalm. It had a 390 2 barrel and was also the two door coupe. The 12 string music is very cool. I just took up guitar this year so I appreciate the skill that goes into that song and that car.

Mickey Donofrio
Mickey Donofrio(@mickey_donofrio)
2 years ago

Great car. The situation with your legs is very similar to something that I went through ten years ago. After consultation with many doctors who could not figure out why my legs were getting weaker all the time a neurologist diagnosed CID-P. After three years of treatment with IVIG i regained almost full use of my Legs. It might be worth checking into this. Best of luck.

2 years ago

Great story. Would have preferred the soundtrack to that mighty V8, though!

wing nut
wing nut(@wing-nut)
2 years ago

Wonderful story with perfect background music for this car. A builder with great perseverance and desire to see a project through. Congrats sir.

Scott Hidinger
Scott Hidinger(@shidinger)
2 years ago

Love this. Congrats to you for having the patience to wrangle this beast to the ground. What a bad ass car.