Films: 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ: An American Pastime
Made To Drive | S11 E1
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio: A Study In Racing Genetics
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Made To Drive | S11 E07

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ: An American Pastime

Competition Orange and an angry V8 is enough to make us miss the '60s and then some.
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Tony Piscitelli
Tony Piscitelli(@hiboostt5)
3 years ago

Another great film and another great car guy. Good old American muscle car with a well-spoken and down-to-earth gentleman!

Jim DeLuca
Jim DeLuca(@jim_deluca)
3 years ago

Beautiful, and let’s hear it for the variety! The footage on the ferry at the end is incredible!

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
3 years ago

I’m so pleased petrolicious has captured the spectrum of cars and car guys. The idea that cars can be cool works for a wide variety of machines and dudes. Both are cool here and the video is terrific.

Lars Jönlid
Lars Jönlid(@lars-jonlid)
3 years ago

What a beatiful car !!!

Jonathan WC Mills
Jonathan WC Mills(@thewoodsman)
3 years ago

Sweet little video of a very cool car…and always, an engaging owner that reminds us all of the simple fact car culture transcends obvious borders.

wing nut
wing nut
3 years ago

When first seeing the car featured on this weeks video I admit to being underwhelmed. Muscle cars rule in the area of the country I live and having been raised in England I tend to get excited over European machinery. I was wrong to think this. Cy’s soft spoken but articulate words and the sound of this brute sold me. Mean car, nice guy.

Robert in LA
Robert in LA
3 years ago
Reply to  wing nut

The muscle car era was not an era of special interest for me either, but I found myself reading the supporting literature on this one. And if you are a muscle car guy this 1969 Mercury Cyclone sounds like one of the ones that you would want to know about. According to reviews in Hot Rot and related journals this Cyclone was more agile than its predecessors.

This specific Cyclone emerges at the end of a development cycle in what was becoming a increasingly influential market sector. Therefore you would think that by the time the design team got to the 1969 Cyclone that they would have taken considerable care to incorporate lessons learned, and get factors like chassis stiffness, and rear axle kinematics right. Sweet car, and lovely photos of it in the surrounding country.

I grew up in that landscape, a few hours north of where this video was shot. The country there much like this. Beautiful place with broadleaf trees and rivers. There are a lot of people like me who came to the other end of Route 66 and stayed here in LA. We came not so much for the weather, which was in fact a step up, but for the jobs. And the cars that you might see on the drive down here looked a lot like that Cyclone.

Myself, I drove out in a base-model Japanese pick-up with a tool chest and a mattress in the back.

3 years ago

Dude, these videos are pure gold.

3 years ago

Wow, that was really cool, an amazing video!
Where is that little ferry? That looked amazing, too.

3 years ago

For the record I don’t mind the short and stylish commercial for the watch at the beginning if it means that we will continue to be able to see cool car videos like this one.

3 years ago

This reminds me of a 1970 Ford Torino GT that I almost bought 25 years ago for 1500$. It was a purple body with white seats and a 390. Hood locks, same rims. Man nice car, and Cy is a car gent that I enjoy listening to. Nice video.

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
3 years ago

Great guy, great car, and a reminder that there’s another world outside of LA!

3 years ago

That’s another nice video and why I like Petrolicious and its community: drive your car, don’t leave it just in a museum. Drive tastefully. And yeah: with an old car you must pay attention to the road and not to your smart / cell phone. And by the way: you don’t need to switch on music. The engine and exhaust are just the music

3 years ago

First off, I always applaud the cars on the fringes, the ones nearly forgotten that show off a wider view of design diversity in the automotive kingdom. I love to celebrate the merits of the obscure. Secondly, I really appreciate the nuance shown toward this fellow. He seems like a level-headed, soft-spoken car guy that [major bonus!] has a gal that enjoys car rides with him. I probably won’t have a Cyclone in my garage, and he’s not of my era, but a lady with that quality never goes out of style. Well done.

Martin Philippo
Martin Philippo
3 years ago

This man gets it.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
3 years ago


Robert Borsh
Robert Borsh
3 years ago

Beautiful car. Would love to see the rest of Cy’s garage as well.

Steve Burford
Steve Burford(@bmwburf69)
3 years ago

I had the unique opportunity, living in Indianapolis and being a ‘car guy’ during the muscle car period. I knew several folks that are now ‘names’ in the car business. Ed Martin was one of ’em. Ed had a Cyclone in his personal collection, and campaigned a Thunderbolt (Ford’s version of the Mercury) at the drag strip. The Thunderbolt was quite a car being made for the drag strip only. The Cyclone was a driver…and Ed DID drive it. I sorta sided with GM cars, so my choice was a Chevy. Chevelle Malibu….big block…4 speed, etc. Blue with a black interior. I noticed that Chevelle would stop a bit better, and go around corners a bit easier…but when it came to just raw horsepower and going straight, that Cyclone was untouchable. Nice film….being done in the late fall in the Cincinnati area brings back a LOT of positive memories. Good job on the filming you all!

3 years ago

I had a 1971 Mercury Cyclone GT which my mother bought new and gave to me. I drove the car all through high-school and college. When I graduated, I bought a Trans Am and parked the Cyclone. I always thought I’d restore it one day, but research showed me only the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler models were worth restoring as they had the 428 Super Cobra Jet motors and the spoiler package. Mine had a 351 Cleveland engine and an automatic transmission. It was also painted in Golden Rod Yellow (Baby Poop Yellow would have been a better name). As I become more interested in Italian exotic cars, I actually gave the car back to my mom who sold it to someone who expressed interest in restoring the car.

When I see this video and hear Cy talk, I do miss the car as I had a million memories in that car… but unless you’re Jay Leno, you can’t keep them all.

I will get another muscle car, but I won’t car about matching numbers or correctness because, again as Cy says, I want to drive the snot out of it.

Thanks Petrolicious for bringing back some great memories with this piece.


3 years ago

Everything CY says, I feel and tell exactly the same.
They’re made to be driven so enjoy the hell out of it.
Great and beautiful old Mercury and what a scenery, yet another petrolicious marble.