Films: 1970 Porsche 911T: Ticket To Ride
Made To Drive | S14 E1
Provost Automobiles: Vintage Restorations Workshop
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Made To Drive | S14 E20

1970 Porsche 911T: Ticket To Ride

Delivered to America, personalized in Belgium.
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Made To Drive

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Any time you feature an air cooled 911, it’s guaranteed to be a good video. I was a bit confused when I saw Belgian license plates and he was driving on the left hand side of the road, I guess this was filmed in the UK?

Paul Varjak
Paul Varjak

I really like the aesthetic on this 911. I’ve often wondered what GT Silver would look like on an older 911. (I figured it would be pretty nice). I’m curious as to what that darker rectangle on the hood is for? Purely aesthetics or is it to reduce glare or something?


the Duke of London looks well worth a visit

nicholas giampetro
nicholas giampetro

I also drive a 1970 911 T that I’ve owned since 1974. Stock except exhaust. I have other cars in my garage but I find my self picking the T to drive more often.
Its the smell of the cockpit and the sound of the motor that makes the driving experience more enjoyable.


What a garage with a wonderful array of cars (and bike) to choose from!

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange

The garage belongs to a friend of mine. It hosts meets once a month (in the warmer months at least) in West London