Films: 1982 Honda CBX1000 Super Sport: Sixy Beast
Made To Drive | S15 E1
1973 Ford Maverick: Miss Maverick
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Made To Drive | S15 E02

1982 Honda CBX1000 Super Sport: Sixy Beast

Listen to the intake howl of six carbs on this 1982-wheeler.
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Made To Drive

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Barrett Benton

Wonderful story, equally wonderful bike. I agree with not messing with it too much, although tweaking that front suspension can likely be done while still honoring the bike’s historical vibe. Ride it in good health!


As a young biker, I rushed to buy the latest magazine that first tested the newly launched CBX. I’ve never forgotten its opening line: “What more can you say about a motorcycle that will reach 100mph and still have three gears to go?” In 1979 (I think), that was mighty impressive!

Steve Schwing
Steve Schwing

I worked for Honda (Motorcycle Division) from ’79 to 2000… We cranked out some awesome motorcycles in those days. Advertising and costs be damned…. In the final days of the CBX in the early 80’s we literally couldn’t give them away. We had a “secret” sale telephone blitz to get rid of the last. $2,000 off dealer cost at the time as I recall… Many remained unsold and were ultimately donated to trade schools at no charge. Some of these still remain in crates and occasionally surface. Worth well more today lthan then. Enjoyed the bllast from the past video.… Read more »


Beautiful period bike! Love that six cylinder engine noise!!!!

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

When the CBX was first released I had the opportunity to ride one at Willow Springs Raceway. Handling and braking were not impressive even by the standards of the day but I could forgive it all for the sound and feel of that six at full chat exiting turn 9.