Films: 1986 Marcos Mantula: Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee | S1 E1
Episode 1: The Everest Myth – Peking to Paris
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Morning Coffee | S01 E11

1986 Marcos Mantula: Morning Coffee

Chasing the last driving days of the year.
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Morning Coffee
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Stefan Maddock
Stefan Maddock(@stefan_maddock)
2 years ago

Well I thought the track complimented nicely. Name of said track please?

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
2 years ago

The wheels are a nice touch. They appear to be replicas of the Dunlop alloys that were developed as race wheels for the D-Type Jaguar. The replicas are available sized for contemporary, lower profile tires.

2 years ago

Thank you -never watched any footage of a Marcos ever !
I’ve been a car tragic for 60 years so its great to see something new
Appreciated the film

Look forward to the next one

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
2 years ago

Agree this is probably the best Morning Coffee film yet. Out of interest whereabouts in Belgium was this filmed? I travel there quite a lot for work but the areas I go to don’t exactly have the greatest of driving roads but these look great.

2 years ago

This is better. Past Morning Coffees have been frustrating, with too much music and not enough engine. This is the return to form that I’ve been hoping, waiting, watching for. Well done.

Now go back and re-edit the Ferrari Morning Coffee, or post the raw footage like the 250 GTO!