Films: 1982 Lancia LC1: The Ephemeral Endurance Racer
Made To Drive | S15 E1
Ed Pink: Auto Racing Engines
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Made To Drive | S15 E16

1982 Lancia LC1: The Ephemeral Endurance Racer

John Campion shares another radical Lancia from his impressive collection.
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Made To Drive
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Oisin Dubh
Oisin Dubh(@oisin-dubh)
1 year ago

Savage car, and a beautiful film as always Petrolicious. But surely John Campion isn’t SO rich that Derek Daly can’t point out the difference between Nuremburg and the Nürburgring? I’m gonna get Eddie Irvine to give him a bell… he’s making us Irish sound stoopid.

Craig T. Watanabe
Craig T. Watanabe(@craig_t_watanabe)
1 year ago

I’ll bet that rear appendage creates huge downforce and a tremendous amount of drag. Great for advertising though

Nicholas Sokach
Nicholas Sokach(@nrs)
1 year ago

Great sound and images. Appreciate it. Petrolious don’t change.

Rick C
Rick C(@rick-c)
1 year ago

So a custom bore/stroke Lampredi twincam, with a Abarth 16V head? I love how the were all sharing parts in that era to create these killer cars.

Larry Kirkpatrick
Larry Kirkpatrick(@lbk1200xlr)
1 year ago

Privilege to drive this I’m thinking. I love the sound and the “pure” experience that comes from the older racers. Thanks for the look!