Films: 1997 Dodge Viper GTS: Truly Raw
Made To Drive | S14 E1
Classic Performance Engineering: Restoration And Race Prep
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Made To Drive | S14 E11

1997 Dodge Viper GTS: Truly Raw

Modern classic muscle rarely gets better than this.
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Made To Drive
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Hudson Childs
Hudson Childs(@53hornet)
2 years ago

Such a great video. Love the sound of the odd-firing Dodge V10, lots of character. Most interesting to me though, was the location. I kept getting the feeling that the backdrop was familiar, and when I saw the Grand Rapids, Ohio sign, I knew that it was! I grew up and live about a half hour away…small world. Thanks for visiting Northwest Ohio, Petrolicious!

2 years ago

A very interesting car, the favourite of one among my friends! Though I think it looks better on its standard rear wing. Now I would love if you could spot a silver 550 and make a story out of it. It’s what car Love is all about!

2 years ago

Well… I always liked the Viper. But when I see the video of Casey racing around on a narrow twisty road in what appears to be a residential area, I can appreciate that it is a video made carefully. Maybe it only looks like he’s driving fast. Hopefully the road was checked first for kids on bikes, cars coming the other way, etc. Hopefully Casey doesn’t drive like that without knowing first that a road like that is clear first… I’m used to going to an area I like to drive in where I like to push it a bit (a loop section) and before I push it I drive it once to see if it’s clear, then I go again, but still prepared for the unexpected pedestrian or cyclist or driver.

Jerome Howard
Jerome Howard(@jerome_howard)
2 years ago

This video is so much more than the sum of its (car) parts. Good to give back and love doing it in the process.

2 years ago

this time the car is not the star….top marks to Casey and Genius Garage

Sotirios Bakaimis
Sotirios Bakaimis(@sotbak)
2 years ago

nice athletic & mechanical sound of V10, nice countryside/scenery

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
2 years ago

Toto, something tells me we’re not in Los Angeles anymore. So people and places like this still exist? Wonderful video.

2 years ago

Mr. Putsch, I love what you do with Genius Garage. I’ve been following for quite some time, absolutely love what you do, it’s golden!

Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson(@tom_gibson)
2 years ago

Petrolicious brilliance! The camera work, editing and sound are second to none. Casey has a way of telling a story that makes you want to hear more.

Barrett Benton
Barrett Benton(@barrett_benton)
2 years ago

Great video, wild car, terrific owner with a great story, which he shares in more than one good way.

2 years ago

Another great video. That is the true enthusiast spirit right there.
Brilliant or should I say “Genius” what you are doing for the young students. That is something we can all get behind. Best of luck.

John Holland
John Holland(@john_holland)
2 years ago

Yippee – a fast, noisy, beautifully filmed car being driven like a demon. Even the rabbits took off at 03.58. Top Banana Petrolicious.