Films: El Hemi Is One Family’s Stunning, Surviving Muscle Car
Made To Drive | S6 E1
Skip Barber Has Left An Indelible Imprint On The Racing World
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Made To Drive | S06 E23

El Hemi Is One Family’s Stunning, Surviving Muscle Car

This 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi 4-speed has been in the family since day one
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Made To Drive
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Scotty's Garage
Scotty's Garage(@scottys_garage)
4 years ago

Dad would be MOST Definately Be Proud!!! Congratz Escalante’s Outstanding Car! Absolutely Love Challengers, Fantastic looking car.

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz(@zamirz)
6 years ago

This is my all-time favorite story, and I love the car. The window louvers without the back spoiler and those wheels are so perfect…vamanos con el hemi!

Juan Escalante
Juan Escalante(@elhemi)
6 years ago

On behalf of the the Escalantes, I send a special thanks to everyone who has posted their comments. Thank you Petrolicious…for giving us such a wonderful platform to share our story with car enthusiasts around the world. All the best in 2016.

6 years ago

What a great story! That cars sentimental value to that family is obviously huge… they have such history with it.. and amazing that they all clearly have loved it forever.
As for the car itself – also awesome. I love the slotted mags and rear louvre..!

Fermin Garcia Aviles
Fermin Garcia Aviles(@alexdad)
6 years ago

Definitely this has been one of my favourite stories…congratulations to PETROLICIOUS for catching not only the story around the cars but also their soul and to Escalante family for houring their father’s memory in such a wonderful way!!

6 years ago

El Hemi! Loved the story and the take on it’s true value- which is priceless. Killer car and I can’t agree more with the memories these vehicles give the kids and family. Nice job!!!

Tan Roy
Tan Roy(@rttex)
6 years ago

Fantastic story – ‘on the balance sheet, it is zero value’. Some things money just can’t buy!

Michael Squeo
Michael Squeo(@enzobindo)
6 years ago

You have certainly honored your fathers memory. Beautiful story.

Mate Kosor
Mate Kosor(@mkosor)
6 years ago

What a fantastic story! Its videos like these that we can all appreciate the bond of family unity within the classic car world.

Damien Bourne
Damien Bourne(@damien-bourne)
6 years ago

I love that kind of stories where our favorite item has a true heart story and becomes the symbol of a beloved one. Thanks petrolicious and may the Escalante family keep this car as long as they can.

6 years ago

Awesome. A truly heartwarming story and the opening soundtrack was so redolent of Oye Como Va era Santana (my original guitar inspiration) that this video is definitely one of my favourites to date.

Steven Melnick
Steven Melnick(@classic-car-junkie)
6 years ago

Incredible story and video, well done. Some unbelievable muscle cars selling at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale in Jan. Check out our write up on this one perticular collection!The-Pinnacle-of-Muscle-Cars-The-Wayne-Schmeeckle-Collection/cmbz/566c8a550cf2f7de56e5df51

Sam Zam
Sam Zam(@kona-ten)
6 years ago

Great story.. Love the old super 8 videos.. Again always nice to see people driving these rare cars…