Films: MZR Roadsports, Custom Datsun 240Zs
MEMBER SERIES: Master Mechanics | S2 E1
Chris Rünge: Bespoke Coachbuilt Automobiles
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MZR Roadsports, Custom Datsun 240Zs

A concours restoration meets modern technology meets a personal expression, all packaged in the Datsun 240Z created by MZR.
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MEMBER SERIES: Master Mechanics
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3 years ago

Mine might be slightly familiar to MZR, but only slightly 😉

Guy Sinclair
Guy Sinclair
3 years ago

Such a pleasure to watch this film. So beautifully shot and storyboarded. I owned, restored and sold not one but two of these beautifully raw and visceral cars many years back. Going down from London to Sevenoaks every week to watch it come together over 18 months. The shell from California and a UK interior. Straight six stripped and detailed. It’s a build I’ve regretted selling ever since. To see a young company like MZR take this to a whole new level of detail and love is a real pleasure to watch. It’s the Singer of the 240Z’s. Stunning. It would only remain to experience one. Thanks for making my heart yearn for another.

Simon Ng
Simon Ng
3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful story, not just because the Datsun 240Z was a car I admired as a kid here in Melbourne, Australia, but also because it is a modest car meant for people of modest means. MZR’s passion comes through, and it is great to see a young company headed by an enthusiastic artisan with his cultural roots in Asia. I guess this just shows that it doesn’t have to be about expensive European marques to be compelling.

wing nut
wing nut
3 years ago

Stunning work by a group of artisans! I had the pleasure of owning a very early example of the 240Z and recall loving everything about it. Sadly, like other cars, it was sold as I thought I would be moving up the automotive ladder. I’ve learned over the years just because something is more money doesn’t mean it’s a better car. MZR are obviously making a very good car a greater car. Wonderful film where the car is really the star.

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