Films: Rod Emory’s Porsche 356 RSR: The Outlaw’s Outlaw
Made To Drive | S14 E1
Nardi: Steering Wheels
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Made To Drive | S14 E17

Rod Emory’s Porsche 356 RSR: The Outlaw’s Outlaw

This is what you get when you add a 964 chassis, custom bodywork, and two turbochargers to a cute little 356.
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Made To Drive
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2 years ago

Perhaps I’m alone in this statement, but now I think this is the “959” of the 356 world. Credit for doing something truly unique. Can’t imagine 400 hp in a 1900 lb. car. Must be a blast.

2 years ago

I had to hit pause on so many occasions, and that was just the footage of the shop! Thanks to all the team at Emory for keeping dreams alive!

Thomas G Löckner
Thomas G Löckner(@magic_boomerang)
2 years ago

this is an awesome crazy little bastard! A Frankenstein Porsche – I love it!

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson(@pdxbryan)
2 years ago

This car is not exactly my cup of tea, even if I had the money……but it is AWESOME!! It’s so inspiring to see someone like Rod, with the means, talent, and individuality, be able to bring such incredibly creative ideas to fruition. And get paid for them too- Kudos!

Babak Broumand
Babak Broumand(@bbroumandyahoo-com)
2 years ago

Hey Emory,
I’m sure you always get accolades for your builds and they are well deserved. What I admire most is the thought that went into the RSR, very few have the vision. Good on ya mate.

2 years ago

I’ve read a lot of hate and negative comments about that car online, it only made me think of this quote I’ve read somewhere and that goes like : “if what you created shocks many people, it certainly means you did something unique and special” (credit to who said it, I can’t remember it).

This look may not be your taste, but only judging how the car looks from the outside is missing completely the point of this kind of build. The technological and mechanical work on this car is amazing! Form follows function, to quote someone else.

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
2 years ago

I’m always in doubt about modified classics, but the technical knowledge and quality of workmanship here just have to be admired. One hot (looking) little car!

2 years ago

Proud to call Rod my friend, you won’t meet a more humble guy. He truly loves what he does and what he creates. His craftsmanship and vision of what a Porsche can become never ceases to amaze me. Following this build from sketch to reality was such a treat. It was a pleasure to recreate and give back to you that first Outlaw 356 you built, even if it was in 1:18 scale! Keep inspiring us all!

Bruce Meyer
Bruce Meyer(@top-speed)
2 years ago

Proud to say I’ve known and been a fan of all three EMORY generations…and they’re ALL superstars. Neil Emory did the noses on ’32 Fords like no one else and he did it for the most famous hot rods in history…the Doane Spencer and McGee Roadsters were done by Valley Custom. Neil and Gary are proudly enjoying Rod’s inspired work as am I….Rod, NEVER LIFT…

Rod Emory
Rod Emory(@rodemory)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bruce Meyer

Thank you Bruce!! That means so much to me.