Films: The Gilera Milano Taranto Holds A Special Meaning
Made To Drive | S3 E1
The MR2 Connection
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Made To Drive | S03 E07

The Gilera Milano Taranto Holds A Special Meaning

What comes to mind when you hear the words "Italian motorcycle"? Ducati? Moto Guzzi? What about Gilera, Benelli, or Laverda? Italy has a rich motorcycle history and has been producing unique and beautiful bikes for years, but here in the United States many people aren't familiar with Italian brands outside of Ducati and Moto Guzzi—many are not even familiar with the smaller single-cylinder offerings of these two brands. Hugo Gallina, owner of Vintage Italian Restoration in Southern California, has been building and restoring Italian bikes out of his garage for years.
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The MR2 Connection
For many, the "golden age" of motoring began in the late '60s and concluded in the very early '70s. It is easy to get caught up in the cars of that time period and overlook significant cars that came both earlier and later than this sweet spot of time that produced cars we all love. From time to time, we step outside of this realm to the explore the cars which stretch into as far as the early '90s—cars that will be talked about for years to come, like the Nissan Skyline and the BMW E30 M3. The MR2 is one of these cars.Starting in 1984, Toyota, created a recipe for success by building a two-seater, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive car that offered performance well beyond its affordable price tag. With the first generation and its hard angular lines, Toyota continued the success into the second generation starting in 1989. The second-generation MR2 morphed into a more rounded and sculpted body and drew many comparisons in publications of the time as the "poor-man's Ferrari".Many MR2 owners have a strong connection to their cars; for them, the MR2 isn't just a car to enjoy, it is a way of life. For the Texas MR2 Owners Club and especially for club member Masruque Murtoza Ali these words ring true. In this very active car community devoted to the MR2, it isn't unusual to see owners go out of their way to help each other in the repair of their cars or to promote their love for the MR2.Drive Tastefully®
The Addiction Of VARA Racing
The Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA), was founded in 1973 and has become the largest vintage racing organization on the West Coast. VARA is comprised of many different vintage cars, so come race weekend it isn't unusual to find various 2002s, 510s, 240Zs, Corvettes, GTVs, and many more cars. Racing hard and racing clean is what VARA members strive for, and it is easy to see the camaraderie during a race weekend as members share knowledge, parts, and an all around good time.
Porsche 911: A German Driving Legend In Italy
With its many curves, elevation changes, and natural beauty, the Italian countryside is a perfect place to own a vintage car. While many dream of the legendary cars to roam these roads, when Donatello Maniscalco was ten years old, his car of dreams was a Porsche 911. Years later that dream was realized when he purchased a 1968 Porsche 911t. Instead of keeping his collection of cars and his 911 in a garage, Donatello observes the rich history of Italian motoring and regularly participates in rallies and drives. Donatello can regularly be found whipping his car around the beautiful country hillsides of Italy.
Made To Drive
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Felix Trzetrzelewska
Felix Trzetrzelewska
4 years ago

The original GPS! WOW, very very cool. Thanks again for another beautiful video.

Benjamin Ratliff
Benjamin Ratliff(@benrat)
7 years ago

I loved the video, very classic feel. The hand held shots from the follow car were nice, they added a historic feel to the film.

Christopher Gowin
Christopher Gowin(@eggtooth)
8 years ago

As I have come to expect from this site, another beautifully produced video. And about my favorite marquee – Gilera. Thanks for adding the motorcycle content – keep it coming!!!

Todd Cox
Todd Cox(@mc70)
8 years ago

Fantastic video production with an equally impressive soundtrack. As always, it is so inspiring and entertaining to see a true enthusiast who is so passionate. Thanks for bringing this video to all of your fans.

Inigo Loy Colmenar
Inigo Loy Colmenar(@fb_758048858)
8 years ago

Was this shot in Ojai?

Tosh Brice
Tosh Brice(@tosh-brice)
8 years ago

Lovely video – music credits, please!

Gabriel Trench
Gabriel Trench(@gtrench)
8 years ago

Beautifully made video. I’m lucky to know Hugo, he’s one of leading restorers of vintage Italian motorcycles in the world in my opinion.

Jose Gallina
Jose Gallina(@fb_1046400051)
8 years ago

The video came out awesome!

Jim Valcarcel
Jim Valcarcel(@ethel19)
8 years ago

These Italian bikes are true works of art. I had never heard of Gilera before.
You really have to admire a person like Hugo for keeping these bikes alive.