Films: BMW M5 Is Power & Speed In An Unassuming Frame
Made To Drive | S2 E1
Ferrari 512 BBi Is A Piece of Art
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Made To Drive | S02 E05

BMW M5 Is Power & Speed In An Unassuming Frame

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Made To Drive
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Scott F
Scott F
4 years ago

OMG. just saw this vid. I remember your car. Still tell all my friends about it and when you introduced her to me on a late night trip to L.A. I can see why you love her!

Simon Moore
Simon Moore(@sjm18)
5 years ago

Great story – great car! “Believe me, I drive it like I stole it….” SUPERB! 🙂

Eleanor Peters
Eleanor Peters(@eleanorpeters)
7 years ago

Nice Video as always. I have my BMW and i always maintain it in proper condition whether it is spring or winter. But the other fact is that you have any car BMW or Mercedes you should select the right [url=””]BMW Care center[/url] where all the mechanics are professional and know proper work.

Kurt Xu
Kurt Xu(@fb_100000548545191)
8 years ago

where did he get the steering wheel rewrap?very beautiful

Todd Westlie
Todd Westlie(@m5todd)
8 years ago

Yup, Ramona and around Aguanga, iirc. That white rail fence sure looks familiar I used to live in Alpine and ran all those back roads both on motorcycles and in my ’85 GTI, ’91 Corvette, and my currently owned ’93 M5 which I bought back in 1/1995. The S38 – simply intoxicating and even more so when taken out to just under 4 liters!

John Walker
John Walker(@worthenj)
8 years ago

Not to be a negative nelly on this story but I own the first e28 M5 brought not only to San Diego but also the first e28 M5 brought to North America for sale. Originally owned by Rug Cunningham of Cunningham (El Cajon) BMW. See .. Awesome car!

Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson(@fb_629946557)
8 years ago

I’d also like to know where the road he is on is. He has a Ducati license plate frame, so he likely knows all the good roads! Great story.

Erwan Brillot
Erwan Brillot(@starskeye)
8 years ago

That inside sounds must be like a drug.

8 years ago

I love the idea of finding a car that you love brand new and enjoying it for decades. But if I was trying to find that “one special car” right now to keep for the long haul, I have no idea what I would choose.

That may make a good “poll” type question as to what may make a good candidate.

8 years ago
Reply to  aircooled1

Great poll idea!

If I can turn back the hands of time, it would be the e30 M3.

Gilberto Jimenez
Gilberto Jimenez(@gil)
8 years ago

Great job with the piece Randy and Petrolicious! Where exactly was that mountain road btw? 😀

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick(@kevin)
8 years ago

Beautiful! What an awesome M5 owner, keeping it that nice for 400k miles. Easily my favorite BMW. Thanks for this one.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
8 years ago

Respect to the owner 400k miles on the chassis is impressive. Great video as always

Inigo Loy Colmenar
Inigo Loy Colmenar(@fb_758048858)
8 years ago

Another nice video. Those mountain roads remind me of the ones around Ramona and Barona area.

Jim Bair
Jim Bair(@5280jb)
8 years ago

An excellent story and feature! Randy and his M5 are iconic within the BMW E28 community – Thanks so much for featuring this car and owner on your outstanding site. I’m already thoroughly enjoying June’s “Bavarian Experience!”

Brooks Wade
Brooks Wade(@fb_1513800007)
8 years ago

Great story! Ultimately I want my car to look like about like his. Already have the RK’s and Dinan upgrades. Next up is euro conversion. I’m actually wanting to source the euro bodykit and lights for my M5.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson(@valvebounce)
8 years ago

Beautiful. It really sounds like it’s being driven as intended! 400k with no issues is very very impressive.

8 years ago

Wonderful video and story.

8 years ago

The Shark is the coupe (M6). This car was known as Black Bart in the period.

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru(@leuceaalexandru)
8 years ago

“The Shark”, as most people call it. Well done Randy, you’ve got yourself a piece of history right there. Often overlooked by some people, but cherished by true enthusiasts that know what this car is all about.