Films: The Uncompromising Legendary Lancia Stratos
Made To Drive | S2 E1
Jack’s Toy Is A BMW Isetta
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Made To Drive | S02 E09

The Uncompromising Legendary Lancia Stratos

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Made To Drive
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Joel Pratt
Joel Pratt(@catawalks)
8 years ago

Where was this filmed? It looks to me like a lot of it is in the Harriman State Park around Bear Mountain and the highways to the south like 287 and such.

Jake Williams
Jake Williams(@shred316)
8 years ago

What is the color/paint code for that Lancia? I want to paint my next project that color.

anatoly arutunoff
anatoly arutunoff(@tolyarutunoff)
8 years ago

When we bought our Stratos to race (looooong story) we had to drive it nonstop from Torino thru the mountains and across France to Cherbourg to put it on our boat to NY. A storm meant we offloaded it in Boston and drove it to Oklahoma. As a new car it was just a fine little machine–no weird noises or smells or anything. next year (’77) in Torino alluvasudden Lancia wanted to sell us 1 or 2 or 3 at $12k or heck make an offer. I kinda felt we shoulda. But we didn’t. Car now lives in Dallas with all its racing parts, etc…..

8 years ago

I’ve always thought the windscreen on the Stratos is fantastic.

8 years ago do an uncompromising replica of these, how perfect is the Stratos, that’s the one you need in your living room!

8 years ago

Thanks for the video. Wow. I rode in one once when I was a little kid. I couldn’t see out of the windshield because I was so short. I do remember the sensation of noise – for maybe a 15-minute ride, I thought the car would just explode or fall apart. And I also vaguely remember the distinctive smell of gasoline… What an amazing car though, it always was my favorite “super car”. It just looked, and still does, purposeful to me even though I didn’t know what the purpose was for. Both rally version and Group 5 version always look spectacular. It’s kind of a shame that there are so few of them made, and so bloody expensive…but I’m just glad that it exists.

Francisco Miranda P
Francisco Miranda P(@panchitus)
8 years ago

Awesome interview, amazing car!! [b]PETROLICIOUS[/b] videos are the best ever!!!
Please make a Renault 5 turbo Gr B tour de corse video!!

8 years ago

Matthew – totally agree about the M1 and the Renault in the background, those are classics worth hearing about too.
I find it funny/odd that the car’s name is always printed “Stratos” but it clearly has an apostrophe in it, so it’s really a Strato’s. Odd grammar there. You can see the apostrophe at 3:26 in the video.

Josh Clason
Josh Clason(@joshclason)
8 years ago
Reply to  ElGato

We will get around to a M1 and Renault video at some point in the future!

Terrence Dorsey
Terrence Dorsey(@tpdorsey)
8 years ago

Terrific interview. “Vaguely disastrous noises” conveys so much about driving older, sporty cars. Love it.

This looks very much like a Stratos I tried to buy several years ago. Can’t really call it a missed opportunity if the seller won’t respond to phone calls or email, but it still feels like “one that got away.”

matthew wiseman
matthew wiseman(@thewisebmwdriver)
8 years ago

umm theres an M1 and a Renault alpine in that garage i want to hear about those