Films: This Acura NSX Reflects Its Owners' Evolving Tastes
Made To Drive | S8 E1
This Ferrari 288 GTO Will Replace Your Morning Coffee
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Made To Drive | S08 E09

This Acura NSX Reflects Its Owners’ Evolving Tastes

What do a Mid Century Mercury and modern Japanese sports car have in common, anyway?
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5 years ago

Well done, but the NA1 deserves its own video; there is so much that the car has done in terms of setting standards that it shouldn’t be relegated to co-headlining a video.
I admit, I am biased in that I’m a Japanese car guy ( 240Z and CR-X are my favorites) and that I’d like to see more of them featured. Cheers

* The S2000 AP1, the first naturally aspirated production car to ever put out 100 hp per Liter, should also be considered.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
5 years ago

That first image just blew me away!

Amazing Mercury and what an ecletic collection – there’s even an Avanti!

As to the NSX, I could be wrong, but someone should have mentioned Ayrton Senna, as I think he had something to do with the NSX’s deveolpment.


5 years ago

Love the collection! I can appreciate the wide ranging tastes. Also, the feeling of ‘lived’ collection is really kind of soothing, that those cars looks to be driven on regular basis. I recently took a friend who’s not all that interested in cars to Petersen a couple of weeks ago. When we left, she told me how kind of sad that those cars made her because “they are all euthanized.”

Sotirios Bakaimis
Sotirios Bakaimis(@sotbak)
5 years ago

what a scenery, what a video, what a mercury!!!!

what a remarkable thing is the nsx!!!

John Cozzi
John Cozzi(@jjcozzi)
5 years ago

A wonderful collection so clearly driven by personal tastes and interests. Alfa GTV to Cadillac Seville. Brilliant! what collecting should always be about… and these guys love to share their enthusiasm and are driving their cars.