Films: This Stunning Coachbuilt Corvette Is The American Dream
Made To Drive | S7 E1
This Lotus Esprit Is A Light Rider Reborn
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Made To Drive | S07 E05

This Stunning Coachbuilt Corvette Is The American Dream

In 1961, Designer Gordon Kelly traveled to Europe to get his dream car made
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Made To Drive
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5 years ago

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is one poorly designed car.

mikey p
mikey p(@mikey-p)
5 years ago

Regarding the wheels…Is there any way to get ahold of the owner…I believe those wheels were only 1 of two sets ever made by Kelsey Hayes…I have the other set..

Robert Gawlas
Robert Gawlas(@fb_939862479397900)
5 years ago

that man has a serious collection. glad he drives them. those wheels look like custom 8 bolt pontiac wheel from the catalina and bonniville’s from the day.

Jim Strong
Jim Strong(@jimstrong)
5 years ago

what a great attitude. just a guy who loves cars and loves to drive them. which is what they are meant for. to be driven.

Ian Miles
Ian Miles(@smilo998)
5 years ago

Front, sides, interior and roof look great and what an interesting story. The rear though is much too Zagato or as disappointing as the rear of the TVR Tuscan. love the interior door cards with Corvette written on them. Looks like it would be great to view the world from with those huge windows.

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
5 years ago

Im liking it, very much indeed!

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
5 years ago

Amazing – where do you find these cars?!

And what a great set of wheels!

Scott Marquis
Scott Marquis(@italia-227)
5 years ago

Just FYI, the “g” in Vignale is not pronounced as a hard “g”.

5 years ago

What a great car !!! Can someone tell me what wheels are those??

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
5 years ago

Stunning . Another ‘ Stump the Grump ‘ winner . and thats all that needs to be said