Films: This Toyota Corolla KE35 SR Is An Endless Family Adventure
Made To Drive | S9 E1
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Made To Drive | S09 E17

This Toyota Corolla KE35 SR Is An Endless Family Adventure

Sought, bought, and revived, this Japanese car is loving life in France.
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Made To Drive
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João Bento
João Bento
6 years ago

É certo que deve falar Português? Não visitou Portugal o ano passado com ele? (este é o meu)

Parabéns pelo video.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves
7 years ago

Finally a bit of Portugal – nice car and quite rare to find it over here!

Nice story – all the cars mentioned give a proper picture of the north of Portugal in terms of the cars still being used today.

And nice bmx-riding (still trying to figure out why the new-school riders keep their brakes at home lol)

Filipe Fernandes Vicente
Filipe Fernandes Vicente
7 years ago

Histoire aussi passionante que l’auto!!! J’espère que le rêve de ton pere devienne réel un jour! Se Deus quiser!!!


7 years ago

Vraiment chouette cette petite Corolla, c’est bien la première fois que j’en vois une à Paris. Les histoires de famille et la passion automobiles, font parfois des rêves, transformés en réalité. Bravo pour ce super boulot.
On s’est coisé sur le quai à Boulogne… Peugeot 504 berline rouge de 69; la voiture de mon grand-père. Comme quoi, peut importe la monture, pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse.

Jaime Baker
Jaime Baker
7 years ago

This film shows that any car can be full of character. It doesn’t need to be rare or highly sought after. The stories, memories, and experiences are what give a car character and soul; at least to the owner and others who have experienced joy while working on, or traveling in. I for one really enjoyed this film.

Kelly Briffa
Kelly Briffa
7 years ago

Once again this film proves that its not the machine alone that makes it worth all the headaches , money and time for a proper restoration. Its the people that make these stories so soulful. The father and son connection is the best part of the story. Thats why these cars become members of the family.

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