Films: This BMW 2000 CA Was A Game Changer

This BMW 2000 CA Was A Game Changer

Photography by Alex Derhakopian

“You picture, back in ’69, the guy that got in here, i mean, he had the coat and tie, thin cigarette in his mouth and driving this luxurious thing—to him, it was a Bentley of the time,” says Emin Kureghian. “Today, I get in, slam the door shut, turn it on, step on the gas; it’s not going anywhere and I have a laugh.”

“They were pretty generic cars, there wasn’t much to it,” he says. He’s right: the car here sports a carbureted 4-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, skinny 14-inch wheels and tall tires, all a far cry from what BMW offers its customers today. Acquired at a charity auction after being in long-term storage, the car is unrestored but has been cleaned up and turned into a fine driver.

Designed in-house by BMW, its spec sheet isn’t what matters: “It’s kind of a hybrid between the 02 and the newer coupes. It’s got lines from both—if you take a good look, you can see both sides of the story.”

“The fact that it pulled [BMW] out of a sales slump is really something, like a whole new generation…almost like the E30 of its generation.”

If Emin restores the car, it’ll be taken back to its original color, but for the time being, he’s just driving it tastefully, safe in the knowledge he’s been able to keep a part of history alive.

“I’m part of the cause, so to speak—to me, it’s home.”

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Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves

This one is for sale here in Portugal – I’m in no way related to the seller – just did some search around my area, and found this!

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves

Nice car!

In terms of being german and pilarless, Opel did it first with the Rekord C/Commodore A coupe.

Still, nive bimmer that you don’t see that often.

Robert in LA
Robert in LA

Really interesting transition piece. Emin, I loved your commentary.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Ahhh … errr .. Houston .. there is a problem . When this page is opened allowing Cookies etc half the words and numbers become £&* etc at the beginning . Hmm .. the gremlins strike again .

As for the rest .. yes … a turning point in BMW’s history most are unaware of worthy of revealing .

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Oh … and as an addendum if I may . Emin ? Leave it like it is . Its fine . Better than fine in fact .

Sotirios Bakaimis
Sotirios Bakaimis

impressive interior!!!