Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 11th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: August 11th Edition

By Alex Sobran
August 11, 2017

Friday’s are sort of like two separate days; one mired in the anticipation of the other; one full of restlessly waiting for the unofficial fulcrum of the week’s transition to weekend that is the other. If you’re still in “part one,” then at least you have some fresh (hopefully) Instagram accounts to scroll some time away to.

This week we have another diverse mix, including a page full of vintage motorsport, a automotive artist who can recreate what he sees better than his camera can, a submission-based account consisting of house-car match ups made in aesthetic heaven, an avid chronicler of old-school 240-era Volvo racing, and a traveler who takes stunning landscape photos that have a pretty car thrown in from time to time. I hope you find something in here that you like, and if not, let me know what you’d like to see more of.

Drive Classics has a pretty impressive collection of modern photography of classic race cars from across Europe’s typical (but no less impressive) schedule of the big events like Goodwood and Silverstone and Spa, but there is also a sizable amount of production cars from the same era thrown in to balance things out. Aside from the mixed subjects, there is a good ratio between details and full-car photos as well as static and in motion shots.

Mel Dom has always had a name that sounds exactly like you’d expect from an artist, and he has more than enough skill to go along with it. He takes some nice photos—art mediums definitely bleed over overtly or otherwise—but what I think you’ll enjoy a lot more are his sketches and drawings that dot his page’s grid. It seems like a lot of his drawings are just things that strike him when he’s near pen and paper, and we look forward to the next time a car pops into his head when he’s feeling restless.

There are a lot of accounts with cars parked in front of apartments and on city streets—I posted one of these entries a few weeks ago made up of only that type—but it’s hard to find something like this wherein both the background and the automobile are so perfectly paired.  Cars and architecture both feed off of similar currents in industrial design, with the borders between visual impact and utility blurring at times in both disciplines, especially so when the work is “good.” This account does a great job of not only showcasing interesting designs from each, but they’re often matched up along some common thread too.

Do you like old touring cars? Vintage motorsport photography? Volvos? This is where the three meet. Björn Ohlson, a Swede, for extra credit, does an amazing job of hunting down, compiling, and not just posting, but posting his collection with informative captions that read more like miniature entries on an enhanced version of Wikipedia where the posters truly are experts. Dig into the history of Volvo’s more-successful-than-you’d-think (they won a DTM championship, among other notable feats with the Volvo 240 chassis), and have the grainy photographic goodness to go along with it.

Martina Bisaz does a lot of traveling to places that look like they belong in in Lord of the Rings more so than this mortal earth. Is that hyperbolic? Take a look at these photos and you tell me. And if the jagged mountains and glacial alpine tableaus don’t resonate with enough beauty on their own, then her bright orange Bus that’s oft-parked in these photos should provide some pleasantry, at least enough to make you smile I’d hope.

End of the list, you know what happens know. Have you been keeping up with us on Instagram? Hate to read but love to look? Take a peak at our page and see what we’ve been up to lately!

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