Journal: 70 Of Our Favorite Cars From Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue

70 Of Our Favorite Cars From Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue

By Michael Banovsky
August 17, 2016

Photography by Tim Scott

The Monterey Car Week is officially underway, and that’s about all the invitation our photographer Tim Scott needed yesterday as he descended upon the Carmel Concours-on-the-Avenue. Here’s your first look at some of the drivers and exceptional machines that now find themselves motoring together in Monterey.

A real question to ask: what do you notice first?

Is it the straw hat-wearing officials, the casually-parked-and-pristine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the participants and onlookers who all look to be having a lovely time? Perhaps it’s something else entirely, for instance, I enjoy car spotting in photographs.

For instance, in just one frame of this gallery, I see a BMW M1, Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon, Toyota Prius, RAM Promaster, Coke-bottle Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, and what looks like a relatively classic BMW motorcycle of some sort.

It’s a bit too much, probably: front-engined Porsches mixing with Fiat Dino Spiders, Shelby Cobras with Cords, hot rods, customs, Jeeps…and the week is just beginning. Which of these cars are you drawn to?


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Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
7 years ago

The dirtiest car there is 100X cleaner than the nicest car I’ve ever had. Nice pictures!