Journal: Photographer Drew Phillips Proves Pebble Beach Is All About The Details

Photographer Drew Phillips Proves Pebble Beach Is All About The Details

By Michael Banovsky
August 23, 2016

Our Monterey coverage so far has been exactly what you’d expect from us, so it’s time to highlight some photography that’s out of left field. Photographer Drew Phillips is one of the most talented and sought-after today, and works with some notable companies and private individuals alike to help capture vehicles in their element. So what if he just took photos of the details?

At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, he did just that, and we suggest you take the next 15 minutes to stare at your screen and commit these angles, details, and features to memory—but I don’t know how anything captured can top the sheer lunacy of how Bizzarrini treated its  ornamentation.

Which detail are you captivated by?

You can follow Drew’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and on his website.

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Jonathan Bridgette
Jonathan Bridgette
5 years ago

Very nice point(s) of view.

6 years ago

This is very much akin to what I look for when photographing cars. I can Google image studio photos of cars in their entirety that are better than I will ever have the chance to take. Ornaments, creases, kinks, etc… are the things where real thought also is apparent. Even the script used is telling.

6 years ago

That is amazing and horrible at the same time. Now i want to inspect all of these cars! Those are very nice photos!